[request] improve "accept untrusted certificates" [duplicate]

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With came the nice feature to "accept untrusted certificates" in the settings of email accounts. This way all users / accounts that used some sort of self-signed certificates have a chance to access their email (this may have worked before but does not anymore).

But there is a caveat here: it's more or less a on / off switch which weakens security because _accepting untrusted certificates_ really means accept any certificate. Maybe there is some basic name checking going on but since there is no certificate chain to be checked, any certificate that _seems_ to be valid will be accepted.

Please build in a feature that I can determine which certificate is the right one and to be trusted in future. And / or build in a feature to load a certificate into some kind of certificate store so that even self signed certs are accepted without any hassle.

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Duplicate of https://together.jolla.com/question/1607/gui-to-addtrust-ssl-root-certsself-signed-certs/ Please vote there. Thx.

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