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[Jolla-Launcher] Not all apps show "minimized view"

asked 2014-06-25 18:21:31 +0300

Quick note, not sure if by design or a bug. Not all apps when in the background show up with a screenshot, some just show name and app icon.

This would be fine, if certain apps didn't show the screenshot some times, and not other times. Not sure which way the multi-tasking view is supposed to be associated.

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answered 2014-06-25 18:28:23 +0300

tdb gravatar image

This is an unfortunate result of how the thumbnails are managed on Android. We're at the mercy of the operating system to provide the thumbnails, and sometimes it doesn't want to give them. So far we haven't been able to observe any clear pattern to when they work and when they don't.

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"Screenshots" for thumbnails should appear after 2 visits to the application, but like tdb said..

Jukka ( 2014-06-26 13:04:02 +0300 )edit
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