Contact label and type in People app not match with hotmail / gmail (bug)

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updated 2015-02-19 11:11:00 +0300

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I know how to set the "label" and "type" of a phone number of a contact in the People app. However, this categorize method cannot match with other cloud service for sync and backup (i am using hotmail via microsoft exchange server). E.g. when it is set to PERSONAL.MOBILE.PHONE, it will become reflected as HOME at hotmail server after upside sync, while MOBILE.PHONE will become shown as HOME FAX at hotmail.
To make the situation even worse, this mismatching is totally inconsistant and somehow by random. When i enter another friend's number and set it as MOBILE.PHONE, this time it become shown as WORK2 at hotmail after sync. (The randomness is somehow tied with the numbers of phone entry inputted for that particular friend). This design / bug of the jolla contact make it terrible for people who use more than one device and use cloud service as a backbone of contacts storage and backup....... Please instruct me if there is any kind of "matching table" for me to follow. And hope this issue can be dealt with in future updates......

I have been using serveral different phone OS in the past and never encounter any problems like this. WP/BB10/Android all can perfectly match the phone number category while iOS has a minor flaw that it uses CELLPHONE instead of MOBILE. Jolla please follow the normal tradition of other cloud services and OS in phone number category so as to be compatible.......

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