SMS scheduling - PDUSpy

asked 2015-01-04 18:13:47 +0200

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updated 2015-01-04 18:14:59 +0200

It would be really cool to have SMS scheduler available for sending SMS at pre-set time like the Galaxy S4 mini (GT-I9195) or even better have some / all of the functions of the PDUSpy like displaying senders SMS Centre which he sent his message via what the old Nokias use to have, create UDH elements ;) etc.

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I'm all for SMS scheduling, a feature I adored on my Nokia 9210! But on the other hand, this is a split question, as you ask for full PDUSpy functionality as well. So, which one is it :)

Kayakist ( 2015-01-04 23:08:47 +0200 )edit