Peeking action improvement

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The peeking action is available (nearly) everywhere, but I think it's under-used. It could give one-movement access to the most useful "interrupts", as Settings or Camera. One idea is to add a pulley-menu to it: if you drag your finger left/right from the edge to start peeking, then down without releasing to open a menu entry, you go to Settings (or whatever), and when you close Settings you get directly back to the last (pre-peek) screen. If one day an option exists to disable side-peeking for Android apps, the pulley-menu could also be used from the bottom of the top-peeking (=swipe-down as if to close app, then some way up to access the pulley-menu).

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An other idea to implement a peek-menu is presented here:

Alex ( 2015-08-26 14:18:11 +0300 )edit