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[changelog] 1.1.7 / Björnträsket [released]

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This is the long changelog for 1.1.7, split off from the main release notes post to keep it short. Big parts of this changelog are only interesting for developers.


  • [zypp] Force an implicit cache refresh before checking the size of a dist upgrade.
  • [zypp] Use libzypp arch compatibility check

    aliendalvik 0.17.15-2

  • Upgrade OpenSSL from 1.0.1k to 1.0.1m.

  • Fix the broken death notification of alien.settings service.
  • Disable IME hint icon and don't handle back key when IME displayed.
  • Do not reserve height of input view before showing native IME.
  • No need to remove dalvik-cache when upgrading Alien.
  • Support silent apk installation.
  • Upgrade OpenSSL from 1.0.1j to 1.0.1k.
  • Alien dalvik clock runs faster than system clock.
  • Update to Toolchain 4.8.
  • Add apkd-android-settings to Requires.
  • Remove incorrect requires from aliendalvik.spec
  • Refactor the kill-background-app support.
  • Ensure only NativeContactSyncService can write contacts.
  • Avoid deleting native contacts unexpectedly due to system accounts change.
  • Alien should check file is accessible in scanning.


  • [ambient-icons-closed] Leave the old z1.5 package as is and add a new one that's optimized for large screens.

  • [ambient-icons-closed] Use icon category based scaling for z1.5.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] icon-launcher-mediaplayer updated to SVG.


  • [base-apkd] Support android settings pages.

  • [launcher] Set ALIEN_ID
  • [install] Request ACL start on install


  • [cleanup] Remove unused QtConnectionManager::isFlightMode

  • [cleanup] Use mce via D-Bus instead of QmDeviceMode
  • [eas] Collect id of matched search messages after adding them to DB.
  • [systemd] Start as-daemon only after all accounts checks.


  • Fixes CVE-2014-8737, CVE-2014-8504, CVE-2014-8503, CVE-2014-8502,CVE-2014-8501, CVE-2014-8485 and CVE-2014-8484

  • Trivial changelog fixes MER#888
  • Update to 2.24 and add aarch64 port.
  • Enable the -plugin option.
  • Add LD_AS_NEEDED environment variable


  • [bluez] Create audio subsystem wakelock

  • [bluez] Ensure device stays awake during HFP operation MER#989
  • [bluez] Wakelock API
  • [bluez] Wakelock-protect headset D-Bus calls which may cause BT traffic
  • [bluez] Wakelock-protect incoming connections and data
  • [bluez] Wakelock-protect MediaTransport D-Bus API
  • [bluez] Wakelock-protect telephony-ofono D-Bus handlers
  • [bluez] Add AVDTP device service heuristics. Fixes MER#985.
  • [bluez] Rework nemomobile keepalive usage. Fixes MER#1017.
  • [bluez] Use nemomobile keepalive for wakelocks. Fixes MER#1017
  • [bluez] Ring indicator fix for connecting devices. Fixes MER#1008.


  • Disable build of context and coroutine libraries on non-x86 arches

  • Fix int64_t detection in cstdint.hpp header file


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Ensure we compare correct events. Contributes to MER#987

  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Fix support for non-Latin1 characters. Contributes to MER#982
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Handle spaces in calendar paths. Contributes to MER#982
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Improve AllDay event handling. Contributes to MER#987
  • [caldav] Remove libsocialcache usage. Contributes to MER#916
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Bump release version for upgrade-1.1.7 again. Contributes to MER#1044
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Use try-restart in %post. Contributes to MER#1044


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Skip path discovery if addressbook home path is given. Contributes to MER#957

  • [carddav] Improve delta detection. Contributes to MER#941
  • [carddav] Improve error handling. Contributes to MER#941
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Bump release version for upgrade-1.1.7 again. Contributes to MER#1044
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Use try-restart in %post. Contributes to MER#1044


  • Update to latest upstream ca-certificates and use p11-kit. MER#948


  • [commhistory-daemon] Do not group messaging notifications. Contributes to MER#1003

  • [commhistory-daemon] Suppress feedback from group notification. Contributes to MER#940
  • [commhistory-daemon] Use specific categories for different message types
  • [commhistory-daemon] Move notification grouping changes to feature branch. Contributes to MER#1023
  • [commhistory-daemon] Update group notification timestamps correctly. Contributes to MER#923


  • [connman] Fix crash in modem_update_interfaces. Fixes MER#942

  • [connman] revert disabling scanning while associating. MER#955
  • [connman] wifi: disconnect if wpa_s state changes from completed to scanning. MER#930
  • [connman] wifi: disconnect if 4way-handshake fails while roaming. MER#930
  • [connman] wifi: disconnect if connections seems to be stuck. MER#930
  • [connman] Added configurable DontBringDownAtStartup list
  • [connman] USB tethering plugin


  • [contactsd] Report unknown presence for disabled account. Contributes to MER#996

  • [contactsd] Bump release version again. Contributes to MER#1044


  • [crash-reporter] Avoid PageStack.push warning when pending uploads screen is entered

  • [crash-reporter] Use horizontalPageMargin instead of paddingLarge for edge margins. Fixes MER#963
  • [crash-reporter] Update notification properties. Contributes to MER#1006


  • [csd] Wi-Fi test should not remove an existing network from the list of known networks.

  • [csd] Restore LED state after LED test.
  • [csd] Make state of the GPS test easier to understand.
  • [LcdBacklig] Fix background not changing properly when test ends.
  • [battery] make test section visible only if data is available
  • [csd] Don't animate disclaimer page transition on start-up
  • [qml] add reusable pass/fail result label
  • [wifi] Pause wifi test timeout while connection is being selected, and show timeout countdown.
  • [wifi] Use standard connection selector and use QML states instead of bool properties for state change handling.
  • [audio] Add stereo loudspeaker test.
  • [backcamera] Add option to disable flash.
  • [battery] Change battery test header to same as test name.
  • [camera] Add header to camera test and use same button as in other tests.
  • [headset] Update headset detection QML code.
  • [lcdbacklight] Fix layout for lcd backlight test.
  • [csd] Remove GPS satellite radio page.
  • [bluetooth] Fix Bluetooth auto-enabling and use QML states instead of bool properties to set states and respond to state changes.
  • [bluetooth] Remove test timeout and 'default pin' display.
  • [bluetooth] Use BluetoothPairingManager to handle pairing process
  • [features] Separate microphones and reciver to own features.
  • [layout] Unify green colors lightreen > green.
  • [usbotg] Add new test page to verify usb-otg functionality.
  • [audio] Set static volume for audio playback tests.
  • [audio] Set static volume for audio record tests.
  • [multitouch] Disable gestures for multitouch test.
  • [headset] Add button detectio functionality.
  • [headset] Add headset button test.
  • [csd] Display power current consumption in mA.


  • Some packaging fixes MER#966

  • Upgrade to 1.3.10, many bug fixings including security fixes
  • Port xinetd patch back to 1.3.10
  • Remove cups-php package creation
  • Initial import into Moblin
  • Do not require portserve
  • Fixed hole of CVE-2009-0163


  • curl vulnerability (CVE-2015-3153). MER#951

  • Fixes CVE-2015-3143, CVE-2015-3148, CVE-2015-3145, CVE-2015-3144. MER#918


  • [declarative-transferengine] Remove remorse timer from clear list.


  • [droid-system-sbj] Remove suspicious chmod from qcom.init.rc.

  • [droid-system-sbj] add a patch to enable servicemanager, minisf and minimedia
  • [droid-system-sbj] add a patch to silence camera shutter sound
  • [droid-system-sbj] apply patches to disable shutter sound and start needed services.
  • [droid-system-sbj] symlink media_codecs.xml and media_profiles.xml to /etc/


  • [dsme] Remove stale dsmetool --ta-test option.

  • [dsme] Allow using config files to pass reboot parameters to systemd.
  • [dsme] Attempt to re-enable thermal sensor if temperature read fails.
  • [dsme] Implement configurable generic thermal backend.
  • [wlanloader] Only reset wlan module after wifi tethering has been turned off.


  • Fix CVE-2015-1572 and CVE-2015-0247


  • Fix CVE-2014-9447

  • Fix CVE-2014-0172


  • [embedlite-components] Tweak UA override for youtube.com.


  • Upgrade to Linaro 4.8 2014.01 (based on GCC 4.8.3+svn206350)

  • Drop libgcc_post_upgrade utility in favour of lua %post and %postun scripts.
  • Switch to private cloog-isl and isl libraries
  • Don't need ggc hack for bootstrapped targets.
  • Make i486 equal to --with-arch=i686 and fpmath=sse2
  • Make armv7hl equal to armv7tnhl
  • Changelog and spec file validation fixes MER#890
  • Upgrade to Linaro 4.8 2013.10 (based on 4.8.1+svn203510)
  • Add aarch64 support.
  • Update version to 4.6.3 (i.e. it's not 4.6.2 2011.12)
  • Add target-cc symlink to non-accel cross compiler
  • Pull in latest fixes from GCC 4.6 branch, fixeshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/gcc-linaro/+bug/897583
  • Remove traces of gcj and ada
  • Add support for MIPS o32 port (mipsel),patches:gcc-4.6.0-mips_fix-1.patch, gcc46-MIPS-boehm-gc-stack-qemu.patch
  • reported by eocanha: Gcc for target i486-meego-linux is actually built for i686 Fix MER#323
  • Add armv7tnhl. Run precheckin.sh. Updated gcc.spec.
  • Updated to linaro gcc 4.6.2 2011.12
  • Only apply Atom patch when building for i586.
  • Drop fortran support, it takes up too much time when gcc on target is being built.
  • Update linaro patches. Drop the changes in the following three files: gcc/config/arm/linux-atomic.c, gcc/cp/decl.c, gcc/testsuite/g++.dg/pr45112.C
  • Drop gcc45-pr45726.patch, which has been integrated into 4.5.2.
  • Add baselibs.conf to src.rpm
  • Applied 4.5.0 branch patch for fixing
  • Merged/fixed devel:toolchain with devel:base
  • Disable Linaro patchset to allow for bootstrap.
  • Add gcc-gij dependency to gcc-java as it contains many of the tools formerly packaged in the gcc-java package.
  • Make /lib/cpp traditional and avoid GCC and target specific defines.
  • For now disable symlinking of binaries and manpages that conflict with the classpath package.
  • Make gcc-gij dependency of gcc-java a recommendation, all java tools are back to the gcc-java package. Require libgcj-devel from gcc-java.
  • Revert /lib/cpp changes.
  • Make dependencies between the gcc subpackages versioned.
  • Provide gcc-mudflap, gcc-info and gcc-locale packages
  • gcc obsoletes gcc-mudflap which is no longer.
  • Make gcc require cpp to pull in /lib/cpp.
  • Add 32bit and 64bit support packages to gcc, gcc-c++, gcc-fortran,gcc-objc and libffi-devel.
  • New gcc-gij package.
  • Add dependencies to the gcc and non-32/64bit packages.
  • Make gcc architecture dependent again.
  • Remove gcc-c++-32bit and gcc-c++-64bit packages.
  • Do not mark README.packaging as NoSource.
  • Do not link to grmic and grmiregistry, they conflict with the classpath package versions.
  • Switch gcc default to 4.2.
  • Do not mark README.packaging as NoSource.
  • Mark ppc64 as separate bi-32.
  • Add 32bit and 64bit variants of gcc-gij.


  • Upgrade to eglibc_2.19-0ubuntu6.4 (security fixes)

  • Disable special -march=i486 for glibc
  • Remove locale-archive.tmpl generation during build time to save ~100Mb disk space
  • Remove build-locale-archive invocation in %post to save a lot of time and disk burn
  • Fixes CVE-2013-7423, CVE-2014-9402, CVE-2015-1472,CVE-2015-1473
  • Remove locale-archive %ghost which is no longer owned by this package. MER#858
  • Do not build glibc for mipsel with -O3 enabled
  • Update to Ubuntu eglibc 2.17
  • Apply some Linaro optimizations to aarch64 and armv7


  • Use p11-kit for the system CA store. MER#949


  • [gst-libav] enable mp3 decoder


  • [gstreamer] enable mpegtsdemux

  • [gstreamer] add a patch to update camerabin zoom pspec to the source's max-zoom property


  • [gstreamer] Rework 0002-qtmux-write-rotation-information-into-the-TKHD-matri.patch

  • [gstreamer] Add 0002-qtmux-write-rotation-information-into-the-TKHD-matri.patch


  • [sensorfw] revert accel x & y values.Fix MER#983


  • [jolla-calendar] Align start times in calendar widget.


  • [connman] Add rndis to DontBringDownAtStartup to fix USB-replug issue after bootup.

  • [bluez] Enable wakelocks.


  • [jolla-email] Restore click handling for attachments.

  • [calendar] Add support for calendar invitations detection and opening.


  • [jolla-keyboard] Added configuration for hardware layouts.

  • [jolla-keyboard] Sort keyboard names by localized value.


  • [qml] When invoked through the openUrl DBus API, bring the app to foreground.

  • [jolla-mediaplayer] Parent playlist items within the ListView.


  • [settings] Hide messages app settings for non-cellular configs.

  • [jolla-settings] Make application grid match launcher layout.


  • [sync-adapter] Add temporary solution for Sailfish-eas sync.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Cancel OAuth request if credentials update page is popped.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Add addressbook_path field entry for carddav accounts.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Cancel pending sign-in requests when AccountFactory::cancel() is called.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] OAuth sign-in pages should not be cached.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] SIP account plugin extension.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Updated .spec file for SIP extension dependencies.


  • [flight-mode] Update flight mode text for devices without mobile data.

  • [jolla-settings-networking] Removed remorse timer from forget network.


  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Battery level threshold increased to 50% to allow system updates.

  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Adapted to store-client's changes in D-Bus interface for OS update.
  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] When doing btrfs balancing before OS update, stop at a lower level if there is enough unallocated space available after a balancing round
  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Disk space low text shortened.


  • [about] Show device serial number in Settings > System >About

  • [jolla-settings-system] Fix incorrect reading of location settings
  • [jolla-settings-system] Change date/time ordering for better time setting


  • [jolla-signon-ui] Change needs-update notification category and hint keys.

  • [jolla-signon-ui] Bump release version for upgrade-1.1.7 again. Contributes to MER#1044
  • [jolla-signon-ui] Use try-restart in %post. Contributes to MER#1044


  • [startup-wizard] Change date/time ordering for better time setting.

  • [cleanup] Remove QmSystem2 dependency
  • [startup-wizard] Switch timezone and time widgets in DateTimeDialog UI


  • [workaround] Set media.role to "x-maemo" (Fixes MER#978)


  • [libcommhistory] Remove obsolete ClassZeroSMSModel. Fixes MER#961


  • [rpm] Separate here-agreements from libherepositioning.


  • [libjollasignonuiservice] Remove special resizing for Twitter log-in page to fix the input problems in login page.


  • [libngf-qt] Allow calling stop() etc immediately after play(). Fixes MER#944

  • [libngf-qt] Emit connectionStatus() on disconnect.


  • Add aarch64 support

  • Fix CVE-2014-9496


  • [libsocialcache] Remove calendar-related out-of-band databases. Contributes to MER#916


  • Fix CVE-2015-2806. MER#897


  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Correctly handle notification removal.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Ensure correct notification sorting.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Protect against unexpected notification destruction.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Disable fast peek when screen is locked.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Critical urgency level for connectivity notifications.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] In notification banner fall back to summary text.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] In notification show body if empty summary.
  • [homescreen] Don't allow switcher to resize when the keyboard is shown.


  • [lipstick] Remove obsolete notifications. Contributes to MER#995

  • [lipstick] Move simplecompositor to its own package. Fixes MER#976
  • [lipstick] Reparent transient windows to lipstick-jolla-home
  • [lipstick] Ensure correct sorting of notifications. Contributes to MER#991
  • [lipstick] Check the input region of surfaces. Contributes to MER#986
  • [lipstick] Allow settings hardware keyboard layout with a property. Fixes MER#960
  • [cleanup] Remove dead code and cleanup qmsystem2
  • [cleanup] Remove mount-related stuff from qmusbmode
  • [cleanup] Remove QmSystem2 pkg-config dependency
  • [cleanup] Remove support for Ovi Suite mode
  • [cleanup] Remove unused constants in qmdisplaystate_p.h
  • [dsme_dbus_if] Build against local qmsystem2 copy
  • [headers] Install qmsystem2 headers to lipstick-qt5
  • [pro] Add qmsystem2 files to the build process
  • [qmsystem2] Remove Qt 4 support
  • [qmsystemstate] Remove bootReason function
  • [qmthermal] Use state constants from thermalmanager_dbus_if
  • [tests] Use the locally-supplied qmsystem2 subset
  • [usbmodeselector] Add PC Suite mode
  • [lipstick] Fix disappearing transformed HWC nodes. Fixes MER#974
  • [lipstick] Move screenshottool to its own package. Fixes MER#937
  • [lipstick] Set the correct DBus interface for the WindowModel. Fixes MER#954
  • [lipstick] Correct notification timestamps at restore. Contributes to MER#924
  • [lipstick] Don't enable the qt_key wayland extension. Fixes MER#925
  • [lipstick] Do not return appIcon property. Contributes to MER#1012
  • [lipstick] Fix auto test failures. Contributes to MER#1025
  • [lipstick] Sanitize Android notification preview properties. Contributes to MER#1034
  • [lipstick] Expose notification hints to QML. Contributes to MER#1007
  • [keymap] Added LipstickKeymap QML item. Fixes MER#1042
  • [lipstick] Fix reporting of deleted model rows. Contributes to MER#1099
  • [lipstick] Correctly handle notification timestamps. Contributes to MER#1036


  • Add aarch64 support and gets deprecation


  • [mapplauncherd-privileges-jolla] Add csd to privileged list.


  • [mce] Add mcetool option for enabling/disabling led patterns.

  • [mce] Add settings for exceptional display on state durations.
  • [mce] Allow returning to dim after exceptional display on.
  • [mce] Block user interaction when shutdown/reboot starts.
  • [mce] Demote mce proximity logging to debug.
  • [mce] Do not enforce tklock removal while lipstick is running.
  • [mce] Always send indication after display state change is requested over D-Bus.
  • [mce] Tweak backlight control path configuration. Fixes MER#977
  • [mce] Add setting for enabling/disabling orientation sensor use.
  • [mce] Add setting for ignoring lid/cover sensor.
  • [mce] Avoid blocking read from iphb socket.
  • [mce] allow policy for blanking states.
  • [mce] Expose active blanking inhibit on D-Bus.
  • [mce] Implement iphb based timers for use from within mce.
  • [mce] Wakeup from suspend to end autolock grace period.
  • [osupdate] Collect system logs while OS update takes place.


  • [mce] Add D-Bus constants for exposing blanking pause and inhibit states.


  • Replace -mno-thumb with -marm to fix build on newer gcc versions

  • Make i486 == i686, armv7hl == armv7tnhl


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Teardown thread before exiting. Fixes MER#988


  • [calendar] Add helpers to retrieve and save calendar invitations.


  • [datetimesettings] Remove QmTime dependency (use timed directly)

  • [packaging] Remove qmsystem2 dependency
  • [usbsettings] Allow setting of current mode
  • [usbsettings] Remove QmUsbMode usage (use usb_moded directly)
  • [usbsettings] Require usb-moded >= 0.82
  • [usbsettings] Re-use old enum values from qmsystem2 for compatibility


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-time] Add property for timezone offset from UTC. Fixes MER#935

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-time] Ensure initial property values are reported correctly. Fixes MER#934


  • [transfer-engine] Workaround lupdate bug. Contributes to MER#962

  • [transfer-engine] Use translated notification group names
  • [transfer-engine] Show popup on successful download. Contributes to MER#1066


  • [dbus] Log who introspected the interface.

  • [dbus] Reply not-yet-handled if plugin doesn't handle calls.
  • [ngf] Enclose log defines with do while(0).
  • [tonegen] Add D-Bus configuration file for legacy API.
  • [tonegen] Allow extra properties for dtmf tones.
  • [tonegen] Import tone-generator source as is to tonegen plugin.
  • [tonegen] Remove legacy-dbus-api.


  • Update to 3.16.6 and split libnssckbi into a separate package


  • [rilmodem] Fix simmanager removal handling. Contributes to MER#928

  • [rilmodem] Register SimManager always and simplify logic. MER#928
  • [rilmodem] Remove rilplugin sim inserted notification. MER#928


  • [oneshot] Fix oneshot rpm macro usage examples. Fixes MER#968

  • [comment] Add comments to oneshot-root.service.
  • [oneshot] If link points to non-existent file remove it.


  • [packaging] The core module of Qt 5 has the version number in it.

  • [packaging] Source file name for package is dependent on package name.
  • [packaging] A slightly saner way of handling that source file name.
  • [packaging] According to the internet, gettext is required.
  • [packaging] Building the Qt5 poppler plugins requires a few more packages.
  • [packaging] Qt5 Test module also required. Not in the same section.
  • [packaging] The soname of the qt5 plugin is now different.
  • [packaging] Adapt packaging to using a single spec file for both core and qt5.
  • [packaging] Cleaning up the redundant spec files.
  • [packaging] Fix some requirements for the qt5 dev package.
  • [packaging] Enable the cpp wrapper for poppler.
  • [packaging] Package up the built files for the cpp wrapper.
  • [popper] Fix detection of moc for Qt 5


  • Add -fpermissive MER#909


  • [bluez4] Keep transport when starting in HFP mode.

  • [bluez4] Make sure SCO is configured when creating device.
  • [packaging] Update patches for PulseAudio 6.0.


  • [stream-restore-nemo] Replace removed pa_sink_input_get_mute() call.


  • Fix CVE-2014-8116, CVE-2014-8117 and several other security vulnerabilities.

  • Fix changelog. MER#939


  • Update to 2.1.0

  • Add aarch64 qemu
  • Add precheckin.sh to sources.
  • Fix build on glibc 2.17 or newer
  • Only build dynamic qemu-img binaries to resolve MER#1050 (from thp)


  • Update to 2.1.0

  • Add aarch64 qemu
  • Add precheckin.sh to sources.
  • Fix build on glibc 2.17 or newer


  • [search] Handle better search request cancel actions.


  • [notifications] Add actions to summary notifications. Contributes to MER#999

  • [notifications] Do not close notifications on client launch. Contributes to MER#1002
  • [notifications] Only summary notifications should have feedback. Contributes to MER#1000
  • [notifications] Remove notification grouping. Contributes to MER#998
  • [notifications] Add email feedback to grouped notification configuration. Contributes to MER#952
  • [notifications] Move notification grouping changes to feature branch. Contributes to MER#1023


  • [imap-idle] Check if IDLE connection needs to be established after login.

  • [systemd] Start messageserver only after all accounts related services.


  • [qtwayland] Support setting the input region of a surface. Contributes to MER#986

  • [qtwayland] Don't crash if loading the keymap fails. Fixes MER#959
  • [qtwayland] Add some key mappings. Fixes MER#945
  • [xkb] Provide support for the XF86Phone symbol. Fixes MER#1041


  • [qtcontacts-sqlite-extensions] Allow ignorable fields to be specified in TWCSA. Contributes to MER#941

  • [qtcontacts-sqlite] Improve remote removal sync update handling. Contributes to MER#953


  • [sailfish-browser] Fix favorite grid overlay edges for bigger screens.

  • [sailfish-browser] Maintain correct tabModel in BrowserContextMenu.


  • [sailfish-btrfs-balancer] Added support for allocation goal parameter.


  • [ca] Add "Conflicts: ssu-vendor-data-jolla <= 0.86"


  • [sailfish-components-accounts] Cancel pending OAuth requests in cancelSignInOperation().

  • [sailfish-components-accounts] Don't emit an extra signInError() signal.
  • [sailfish-accounts-tool] Ensure we disable accounts when availability is removed.


  • [tests] Keep display in correct state during testing.

  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Populate phone icon types separately from default types.
  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Support icons for watch and tablet-type devices.
  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Emit pairingFailed() with error code.
  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Size BluetoothDevicePicker width to parent.width by default


  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add placeholder to presence account details.

  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add some space between text and Button.

  • [dialogs] Removed code to hide the PageStack indicators from the edition dialogs.

  • [edition] Don't accept edition by flicking when the split edition dialog is not open.


  • [sailfish-components-store] Add app summary to model data.


  • [sailfish-maps] Fix attribution link color and open URL when clicked.


  • [version] Bump to 1.1.7 (Björnträsket)


  • [sailfish-silica] Allow configuration of each theme parameter individually.

  • [sailfish-silica] Allow configuration of theme icon subdir with DConf value.
  • [sailfish-silica] Manage TouchInteractionHint loops explicitly.
  • [sailfish-silica] InteractionHintLabel (background) height changed to depend on parent height.
  • [componentgallery] Use bindings for interaction hint startX/Y.
  • [sailfishsilica] Dimmer must be updated if originY changes.


  • [csd] Disable stereo loudspeaker for CSD audio test

  • [csd] Add config for csd tool.


  • [wlan] Filter wlan mcast to avoid wake-ups when suspended.


  • [sensorfw] revert accel x & y values.Fix MER#983


  • [control] Add GetProgress method for querying progress

  • [dbus] Add org.sailfishos.sfmf.conf
  • [dbus] Object registration and Abort() method
  • [dbus] Report phase, rename to org.sailfishos.sfmf.unpack
  • [sfmf-deploy] Broadcast deployment progress on D-Bus


  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Improve error handling in Google Contacts sync. Contributes to MER#973

  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Remove libsocialcache usage from Facebook Calendar sync. Contributes to MER#916
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Remove libsocialcache usage from Google Calendar sync. Contributes to MER#916
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Bump release version for upgrade-1.1.7 again. Contributes to MER#1044
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Use try-restart in %post. Contributes to MER#1044


  • [ssu-repos] Update jolla-ca and sailfish-ca paths


  • [ofono] added Cellular.CapabilityData. Fixes MER#981

  • [ofono] rename VoiceCall to CapabilityVoice. Contributes to MER#981


  • [store-client] Release cover image for update 16.

  • [store-client] Loop through desktop files until executable is found.
  • [store-client] Landscape support for AppPage.
  • [store-client] Landscape support for FeedPage.
  • [store-client] Margin and spacing support added for application grids.
  • [store-client] Multicolumn support for InstalledPage.
  • [store-client] New design for AppGridItem.
  • [store-client] New design for main page busy indicators.
  • [store-client] Support for multiple feeds on WelcomePage.
  • [store-client] Landscape support for SearchPage.
  • [store-client] New design for the feed item on WelcomePage.
  • [store client] Allow 3rd party apps to interrupt the OS update download.
  • [store client] Allow use of store-client while OS update download is in progress.
  • [store client] Cleaned up D-Bus interface for OS update.
  • [store client] Do not propagate OS download progress 100 coming directly from PackageKit because it may not be true.
  • [store client] Fixed issue where OS download was reported to be finished under some circumstances while it has actually only started.
  • [store client] Removed explicit refresh from OS update size check.
  • [store client] Temporarily interrupt and resume OS update download when the store schedules other package transactions.
  • [store-client] Add app summary to start-up helper data.
  • [store-client] Preselect all Jolla apps by default in the start-up helper.
  • [store-client] Start-up helper changes.
  • [store-client] Show system update notification under "Sailfish OS" category.
  • [store-client] Do not uninstall dependencies when uninstalling by desktop file.
  • [store client] Set ssu release for installing OS update, but do not revert it to the old version after successful OS update.
  • [store-client] Add systemd osupdate logging service.


  • [build] Need libngf >= 0.24.

  • [modem] Use NGFD for indicator tones.
  • [packaging] Remove yaml and require libngf.


  • [packaging] use systemctl-user try-restart MER#1044


  • [pc-suite] Add a define for the pc-suite

  • [upstart] Remove upstart appsync support
  • [usb-moded] Fix build, do not attempt to remove nonexistent file
  • [modes.h] Add MODE_ADB named constant
  • [tethering] Connman tethering support
  • [usb-moded] Configuration files for connman tethering
  • [usb-moded] Fix D-Bus introspection data
  • [usb-moded] Fix for broken usb drivers when setting mode
  • [usb-moded] Fixed memory leak in systemd_control_service()
  • [usb-moded] Use lstat to read information about the link


  • [update] Update to VirtualBox-4.3.22 to fix build with GCC 4.8 toolchain


  • [voicecall] Use NGFD for DTMF tones.


  • [voidecall-ui-jolla] Removed remorse timer when deleting call log entries.


  • [wpa_supplicant] Upgrade to version 2.4 and fix sec. vulnerabilities. MER#990

  • [wpa_supplicant] Fix ap_mode teardown with upstream patches. MER#1208


  • [sbj] Added sbj keymap for Jolla phone. Fixes MER#1040

  • [sbj] sbj keymap for Jolla phone rather based in pc105. Fixes MER#1114


  • [rpm] Send scroll event only when CB get shorter.

  • [spec] Don't exclude libmozalloc from "Provides:"
  • [spec] Don't generate "Provides:" for private libs
  • [rpm] Make sure current package obsoletes old -devel packages


  • [p11-kit] Add libnssckbi replacement in a separate package

  • [p11-kit] Add trust-extract-compat script from Fedora
  • [p11-kit] Version 0.22.1. MER#947
  • [packaging] Add patch to fix build for automake 1.11
  • [packaging] Require gettext
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tldr Good Job and a lot of work has been done... I'm really looking forward what's coming next :D

xneo ( 2015-07-15 19:15:38 +0300 )edit

SIP? Did anybody say SIP? Now I can't wait that the progress bar fills up its last pixels to see if I can set up a SIP account! It's not clear to me from the changelog. I hope I'll find out soon!

EDIT: I can't. Let's wait for the next update. yawn

Yo ( 2015-07-15 20:52:35 +0300 )edit

"[jolla-settings-accounts] SIP account plugin extension." Does that mean what I think it means? \o/

sloh ( 2015-07-15 20:55:28 +0300 )edit

@Yo@sloh not just yet, unfortunately -- but it means that we're working on it, and another puzzle piece for working SIP is now there

Aard ( 2015-07-15 22:08:31 +0300 )edit

Please convert to a comment. This is not an answer.

raketti ( 2015-07-18 20:52:10 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-08-17 18:33:11 +0300

eatdirt gravatar image

too bad fortran support has been dropped :-( It is not like I need it for phoning but I compiled and ran some scientific apps before using it

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