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How to connect to Bluetooth hotspot

asked 2015-08-11 10:14:57 +0200

qrosh gravatar image

Hey there how can I make my Jolla connect to my Bluetooth pan hotspot and use the internet connection?

Basically I have the following setup: Android tablet with Bluetooth PAN hotspot activated. Connect Jolla to share internet connection, but it does not work.

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answered 2015-08-11 11:28:53 +0200

rainisto gravatar image

updated 2015-08-11 11:32:14 +0200

In Jolla Store there is tethering app which can create wifi or bt pan hotspot. But in your case you want to use existing pan hotspot, unfortunately afaik there isn't any support for that in the UI yet. But you can do that in developermode commandline terminal by following generic Bluez PAN instrustions.

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