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A certificate manager (with UI) to install, modify and delete X.509 certificates on Jolla device is needed.

This certificate manager should be able to handle installing of the both CA and client certificates from files, email attachments, configuration packages or directly from web browser downloads. Mime types could be used for sending certificates always to certificate manager app.

It should also have the capabilities to edit trust settings for all certificates like for example that certain certificates could only verify email servers, web servers, wifi authentication servers or persons and not by default all of them.

Managing certificates should support mass operations so that for example revoking trust from several certificates could be done without having to go through all certificates one-by-one.

No certificates should be above the certificate manager control meaning that also builtin certificates should be able to be deleted or at least distrusted or their scope to be modified (limiting them for example to web site authorisation etc.).

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With the recent news about snooping CAs this request for more control over certificate stores should surface. I think this is better request than the one that this is duplicate of.

alloj ( 2019-02-28 14:18:51 +0300 )edit