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Broken XMPP account status menu?

asked 2015-10-05 13:16:44 +0200

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updated 2015-10-06 11:12:02 +0200

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Hello, SailfishOS (Eineheminlampi) (armv7hl): after managing XMPP accounts using mc-tool (mc-tool remove some-old-account), the lipstick account status control does not realise any newly defined accounts. -- How to fix?

Also, is there any detailed documentation of xmpp account configuration?

TIA, Oliver

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What do you mean by "the lipstick account status control"? The part that's now hidden in the system settings where you can choose between offline/online/away/...? If so, I had a similar issue when you add an account right in the GUI. I'll try to reproduce what I experienced.

ossi1967 ( 2015-10-05 14:06:49 +0200 )edit

Hello ossi1967, Thanks for your input:

What do you mean by "the lipstick account status control"? The part that's now hidden in the system settings where you can choose between > offline/online/away/...?

Exactly - the menu which was opened by swiping the home-screen inwards from the bottom with Sailfish < and which is now entered from the settings menu. With defined XMPP account controls it is used to set the user status.

The problem here is that a defined account does not show up in this control menu, rather than a message that recommends to define an account.

Background: I am fiddling around to get my Jolla corresponding with a private Ejabberd XMPP server I am administering. Used mc-tool to set ssl options. By the way, 'mc-tool dump' showed an old xmpp entry no longer in use (not visible in the accounts-screen). Removed that one - maybe this has confused the account-controls manager?

Best, Oliver

OKstnr ( 2015-10-05 15:04:05 +0200 )edit

@OKstnr I'm pretty certain it's not (or at least not only) related to the fact that you created the account via mc-tool. Only a few days ago I managed to create an XMPP account in the GUI (system settings > accounts) that showed up with all information I had entered in the list of active accounts, but did not show in the panel you mention. There was no error message, no hint on what to do, nothing. I solved it by deleting the whole thing and re-adding it, and I'm pretty certain that at some time along the way I did something different when adding the account than the previous times... but I can't recall.

Anyway, I used mc-tool to inspect the newly added account, and it seemed OK to me even when it did not show up. So I agree with you, I guess there's something wrong here.

I'm gonna check this as soon as I have time for it to see what exactly made the difference between an account that worked and one that didn't.

ossi1967 ( 2015-10-05 15:32:56 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-10-05 14:29:51 +0200

Hades0299 gravatar image

updated 2015-10-05 14:32:29 +0200

I had a similar problem, readded my xmpp-account but it was not visible in the available system settings. Thing was, that i added the wrong password and changed it after the notification, that some acount needs updating. I am not shure, wheter i added the wrong password again and did not get a notification, or it was simply not shown in the gui.

To get the xmpp working, I had to add the account with the right vredentials at the creation, after that, it worked. Maybe you need to check the ignore-ssh-failure checkbox.

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