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Make API for account sharing

asked 2013-12-25 14:56:58 +0300

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updated 2018-03-06 22:28:20 +0300

BonoNL gravatar image

I have no idea about the security concepts and architecture of Sailfish OS.

Yet the question came up, if it is in general possible for an arbitrary app to include itself into the 'accounts' things like settings, notifications, people, sharing and so on seamlessly? Or does this always require an 'official' integration into the core distribution?

Examples what could possible:

Mega asked here

Linkedin asked here

Fastmail asked here

And for many others likely, maybe 2018 can bring this finally.

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Just few days ago, made a similar suggestion for youtube client YTPlayer in Jolla store, i.e., to use accounts set up (Gmail in this case) in Jolla.

anandrkris ( 2015-01-22 08:53:54 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-01-08 22:39:09 +0300

Aard gravatar image

Currently only notifications are available to all applications. For the other components the APIs are not completely stable yet, and there are some security issues to be solved. Once that's done they'll be made available as well.

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Currently only notifications are available to all applications.

I still haven't found docs on that - do you have a link?

Tanghus ( 2014-01-09 00:21:29 +0300 )edit

We're coming up to this request's first birthday. Is the API for developers to add into the accounts system stable yet.

There's lots of features that depend on this being available like SIP, LinkedIn, WhatsUp or other VoIP/IM type systems. Perhaps a beta API could be made available to select developers?

aegis ( 2014-12-08 16:40:52 +0300 )edit

I would also like to know this, because I would like a Dropbox like integration for Mega!

BonoNL ( 2015-03-14 22:29:05 +0300 )edit

@Aard this is still an issue for users and developers alike. What is the current status on this?

Low ( 2015-03-22 12:25:29 +0300 )edit

I've closed my app request for a Mega account app because the account part is still closed source. As soon as it will be open source I will re-open it and will do my best to have a account plugin for Mega.

BonoNL ( 2015-05-19 22:58:40 +0300 )edit
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