First update found but it does not want be installed. [answered]

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Hello all!!

I received today after the Xmas vacation my Jolla (yay!!!).

After starting the device and configuring the WLAN information (I still had not inseretd the SIM) I searched for updates. And it logically found one. Actually my Jolla is running the version and I get a notification about the update.

However when I try to install it, either from settings or from the notifications list, the update does not start.

The same happens after inserting the SIM and doing several restarts.

Any Idea? Is it possible to trigger it via Terminal?

Thanks a lot for your help! Fabio

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Thanks a lot! It worked! I did not find it before. What an awesome device! :-)

lupastro ( 2014-01-08 20:13:25 +0300 )edit