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Bought a Jolla Tablet elsewhere? What's your experience been?

asked 2016-02-19 17:36:15 +0300

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updated 2018-12-03 23:11:09 +0300

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With the Jolla tablet refund now in full flow (I received my refund email today) - I along with others have ventured onto taobao.com to buy a Jolla tablet. I've been fortunate and have been very impressed with the (genuine) Jolla tablet I've purchased! Who out there has a similar success story - or have you been ripped off?

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Does this belong to TJC? Those Tabao tablets are not related to Jolla since they are from a roque manufacturer and their authenticity can't be made sure. I won't close this though since I don't want to be blamed for misusing my powers :P

jollailija ( 2016-02-19 17:42:23 +0300 )edit

Well if there's a large volume of folks being successful or alternatively being ripped off..it'll be good for the community to know. Buyer Beware! Feel free to delete the topic if you want though.

RussH ( 2016-02-19 17:47:02 +0300 )edit

I ordered one on Yoybuy.com the same day China went on holiday (8th feb) ... So nothing happened during 7 days. Now, they say it's a good sale so there are now some delay, I'm still waiting. Fingers crossed. For what is worth, it was this product: http://world.taobao.com/item/525246736574.htm Edit 21st Feb.: At last, the parcel has been sent.

Jordi ( 2016-02-19 21:04:30 +0300 )edit

Thanks @RussH.

If you are interested, (I would be for feedback purposes), I made an ambience package, suitable (to my knowledge) for Jolla tablet. It carries the same name (for now) as my Ambience-AllBlack package, available only from my dropbox account (one user on OpenRepos confirmed my package works on his tablet).


To remove, should you choose to install, simply open terminal and type pkcon remove Ambience-AllBlack (no need for devel-su).

If possible, post a screenshot of the homescreen (no covers), so I can see if the 1024x1024 wallpaper displays as I expect it should. Thanks :)

Edz ( 2016-02-25 01:11:02 +0300 )edit

@Markkyboy, here's some screenshots for you - homescreen and the activity screen (whatever it's officially called). The 'waffle pattern' seems obscured on the latter. https://www.dropbox.com/s/77mbziqgmvt81o9/homescreen.png?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/568vdas7qfjomtr/activity.png?dl=0

RussH ( 2016-02-25 14:17:03 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-02-19 17:41:27 +0300

RussH gravatar image

updated 2016-02-20 00:20:08 +0300

For my experience - reproducing my answer (also here https://together.jolla.com/question/128547/taobao-jolla-tablet-and-os-security/)

I'm typing this on my Jolla tablet running SailfishOS from taobao. It's a model JT-1501 and shipped in the Jolla packaging. Clearly i'd rather have given my money to Jolla, but i wanted the tablet. From purchase to delivery in the UK was SIX DAYS. If anyone wants to replicate this, i can post the shop i used via yoybuy(an english language broker for taobao).

works perfectly, beautiful tablet.. really enjoying it.


I ordered this tablet - http://world.taobao.com/item/525258878357.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.dfarzg#detail

if you look at the page using google translate, you can see the option is 'Jolla' or 'Android'. Clearly - I chose Jolla (Sailfish OS). This choice is critical if you want it running SailfishOS! If you choose Android, the price is lower at 998 Yuan - when you choose SailfishOS, it's 1298 Yuan (sorry for saying yen in the initial version of this post).

Now, as I can't read Mandarin, I used Yoybuy.com to order from Taobao. This service allows you to have it bought in China, and shipped to a local destination (optionally at this point you can have photos of the device / packaging sent to you) - and then you use Yoybuy to ship onwards.

The advantage of Yoybuy is that I can load credit from Paypal into them - therefore no need to use my credit card with (possibly suspect) chinese processors.

Finally - The total cost to me was as follows;

$212.79 Products fee: $32.01 International shipping: $21.28 Service fee: $1.31 Customs Fee: $8.02 Insurance Fee: $0 Storage Fee: $ --- Coupons Fee:

Cheaper shipping options were available.

I had a good experience here - but of course I make no guarantees that yours will be as good. YMMV.

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Quote, "This choice is critical if you want it running SailfishOS! If you choose Android, the price is lower at 998 Yen - when you choose SailfishOS, it's 1298 Yen"

Not Yen, but Yuan (Yen is Japanese)


Edz ( 2016-02-19 17:51:36 +0300 )edit

@RussH, where in the world are gou based? Did you manage to escape paying tax and inport duty?

pichlo ( 2016-02-19 22:14:03 +0300 )edit

@pichlo "From purchase to delivery in the UK was SIX DAYS."

avhakola ( 2016-02-19 23:58:00 +0300 )edit

Hi @pichlo am in the UK. Didnt get charged any duty upon import. presumably the China post declared value was low. have had a similar experience with other shipments from China.

RussH ( 2016-02-20 00:00:48 +0300 )edit

@Markkyboy thanks, fixed.. and apologies for the mistake!

RussH ( 2016-02-20 00:21:21 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-02-19 22:56:50 +0300

updated 2016-02-19 23:14:14 +0300

Ever since I bought my Jolla Phone (11/2015, I was one of the last people who bought it before the "new price"), I was determined to get a Tablet too, so I've been following the situation carefully and later monitoring the sellers in Taobao. One seemed trustworthy since he/she has good reputation and the size of his/her batch seemed realistic. Also during January some buyer comments emerged and all were positive. This:


I placed my order the same day Jolla posted the Tablet Closure blog post (where they stated that they are not going to get back the Tablets that had already reached Taobao). I used Taobaofocus as an agent and DHL as a shipping service. The processing took bit more than a week - the agent asked twice if I understood that there is no return policy (before buying and before shipping) and sent me a photo of the sales package showing the serial number. DHL got my parcel just before Chinese New Year and handed it to me last week. I ordered a Lastu case the same day and received it today.

The Tablet was in a genuine sales package with all the plastics intact. It booted with Sailfish OS Jolla Account works fine (Tablet shown in devices page as JT-1501). Jolla Store didn't work until I updated the OS for the first time (it first updated to Eineheminlampi, then to Saimaa and then to Taalojärvi (which is a bit weird since my Phone is still running Saimaa)). Now everything seems to work.

Device info page readings: Sailfish OS 2.0, Device: Jolla Tablet, Serial starts with JT1501-32-544... (the same is printed in the sales package), Build (Taalojärvi), Hardware adaptation:

The issues so far: 1) The lowest brightness is still pretty bright (same reported with the official Tablets). 2) Apps randomly shut themselves (solved by setting the minimum value of the memory saving process to 1). 3) Swiping effects in browser (pulling address bar from down or minimizing the app) are annoyingly not-very-smooth compared to Jolla Phone. 4) Browser crashes ramdomly when trying to change tab. 5) Feeling a bit bad for using an unofficial product. (Sorry.)

Unofficial or not, it proves that Sailfish OS works well as a tablet OS too, so hopefully there will be a tablet manufacturer using it in the future.

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@Moshroom, havent seen a browser crash yet. Would be good to find some way to enable adblock tho!

RussH ( 2016-02-20 00:25:56 +0300 )edit

@RussH, have you encountered non-smoothness with browser? Strangely it only happens in browser when activating the address bar or minimzing the app from left or right, but not when pulling the apps menu from down. Also pulling the notification menu from left goes smoothly as long as browser is not open while doing it.

Moshroom ( 2016-02-20 07:52:16 +0300 )edit

@Moshroom not seen any non-smoothness with the browser, although I'm not browsing anything flash-heavy, mostly slashdot and lxer :-)

RussH ( 2016-02-21 01:31:20 +0300 )edit

@RussH, this works as an adblock: https://together.jolla.com/question/28922/how-to-adblock-for-sailfish-browser/#post-id-53277

It also resolved the non-smoothness issue.

Moshroom ( 2016-02-24 08:01:16 +0300 )edit

Damn ads.. have done this now, too - it's not that they're intrusive, its that they slow down browsing!

RussH ( 2016-02-24 15:11:35 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-09 22:18:19 +0300

toba gravatar image

updated 2016-03-10 14:44:42 +0300

also bought a jolla tablet at taobao. came in the packaging i had seen on the jolla blog, is surely the batch jolla missed to pay. it is working flawlessly and makes me even mader at jolla cause this product surely fits a gap in the markets. really good tablet. i'm seriously pissed with jolla cause i believed in them, and for a reason, cause the tablet is just awesome. totally understandable that it won the "best tablet" price at barcelone in 2015. i can't understand why they do not reproduce it. i personally think they pissed off the manufacturer. bougt it also for 212 $ via yoybuy.

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answered 2016-02-25 12:03:21 +0300

Hello! Thank you for the mention of our service! We are sincerely glad that your experience with Taobao FOCUS was good! Please, feel rfee to contact us if any assistance will be needed or any questions will appear! We'll be glad to help you and make our service for you again! - Sincerely, Taobao FOCUS.

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Cool to know that, thanks.
I'm waiting for my that purchased via yoybuy agent. Hope all will go ok ;)

Schturman ( 2016-02-26 10:32:07 +0300 )edit

Thanks for hearing your opinion and experience, glad you got it! How long did the shipping take from the day you purchased it?

Marti Masa K ( 2016-03-12 22:16:48 +0300 )edit

Something like 1 week +/- 3-4 days...

Schturman ( 2016-03-12 22:28:16 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-22 01:16:42 +0300

tingo gravatar image

"Me too". Today I got one JT-1501, ordered from http://world.taobao.com/item/525258878357.htm via Yoybuy.com. Appears to be the genuine article, based on packaging, looks and SailfishOS updates (currently running Sailfish OS Taalojärvi). Is there a way to make sure if the tablet is real or fake without opening it?

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correction: that should be SailfishOS Today I updated to SailfishOS

tingo ( 2016-05-05 19:54:32 +0300 )edit
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