installing sailfish on bq aquaris 4,5

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Before I discovered Jolla and Sailfish OS, I was salivating at the idea of a non-Android Linux phone. I used Ubuntu on my desktop and thought the phone would be an excellent alternative to Android models and iPhones. I was sorely disappointed when I finally was able to buy the BQ Aquaris! Not only did it not even come with a good native calendar app or a reliable timer that would unlock the screen, but the phone application wasn't reliable! A phone that can only sometimes be used as a phone is a piece of junk!!! Anyhow, enough of my raving.

I love my Jolla and have become an avid SailfishOS supporter. Has anyone tried installing Sailfish on the BQ Aquaris 4.5? I'd like to be able to use it as a backup phone in case I clumsily drop my Jolla again and it is out of commission for a while.

Long live Sailfish!

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I'm in the same boat here: I ordered my BQ Aquaris E5 with Ubuntu. Although I knew the OS wasn't quite ready, it still surprised me how incomplete it still is even today. I'm prepared to wait some more for a useable version, but if Canonical fails to deliver in 2016, it would be cool to have an option like Sailfish for this hardeware.

ossi1967 ( 2016-02-20 18:14:42 +0300 )edit

I'd also be interested to be able to do more with my bq Aquaris E5. Is there any official statement about device support? It could well be that the switch is not possible at all.

The official developer sources only mention Jolla's own phones.

The wiki also mentions portability, though.

This allows Sailfish OS to be ported to (almost) any device which currently runs Android.

See also:

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