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Location very slow to update to current position regardless of GPS fix

asked 2016-02-20 19:12:46 +0300

Fludizz gravatar image

updated 2017-11-10 22:16:43 +0300

DarkTuring gravatar image

I've noticed the following behaviour for quite some time now: My Jolla seems to provide outdated location information to apps (e.g. Browser) even though it has a GPS fix and Maps shows the correct location.

A recent example: Last week I went abroad to Gran Canaria (Spain), more than 3000 KM away from my home. I have the Jolla in Flight Mode with only GPS and WiFi enabled to avoid Roaming Charges. I have had a decent GPS fix in Gran Canaria and have used the Maps to navigate using GPS/WiFi. However, whenever I attempt to use my location in the Browser, it keeps reporting my home town in the Netherlands as location to the Browser (for a webbased Foursquare check-in). This week, after being back home for 2 days with everything turned back on (GSM, Mobile Data, WiFi and GPS), I tried to do a similar check-in in the browser and my phone persistently put my location to Gran Canaria.

Rebooting the Jolla doesn't appear to have any beneficial effects on getting the 'reported' location updated. It took the phone about a day after the first attempt to use the location to get it updated to my current location.

Bit less recent: A day trip with everything (GSM/WiFi/GPS/Mobile Data) enabled from my home town to Amsterdam (about 150km), location will not get updated to Amsterdam throughout the day.

The GPS is working perfectly fine and finds my location and Maps correctly reflects the GPS location. The GPSinfo utility does provide a clue: When initially opened, it shows the coordinates matching the location reported to the browser, until it has a GPS fix.

It seems as if the actual GPS fix is not used/stored and it only uses WiFi/GSM network mappings to update the current location.

Anyone else noticing similar behaviour? Any pointers where to look for troubleshooting this?

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In general, the GPS does not work reliably for me on my Jolla Phone. It takes ages (many Minutes, sometimes on/off switching the GPS or even a reboot) and it is a problem in the nativve Maps app, here maps (android) or browser.

Bavarian ( 2016-02-20 21:12:11 +0300 )edit

I have seen multiple users reporting similar problems with GPS, however this isn't an issue for my Jolla. The GPS is working just fine, initial fix indeed is a bit slow but that's all.

This issue is not related to the GPS hardware or reliability, but the Sailfish internal Location service for other apps.

Fludizz ( 2016-02-21 00:01:26 +0300 )edit

for me you should consider a reset...just used my jolla for a 2 hours trip and gps with here went smoother as ever... :)

247 ( 2016-02-21 04:15:40 +0300 )edit

Somewhat similar experiences, as described above, for me too.

NikosAlexandris ( 2016-02-21 12:42:57 +0300 )edit

I agree: GPS fix is fast, but its communication and sharing with browser or other apps is slow.

palikao ( 2016-03-15 14:01:49 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-03-15 13:58:15 +0300

poetaster gravatar image

updated 2016-03-15 14:00:55 +0300

Just went out (was on my balcony with the above 500 meters out, in Berlin) TO the location indicated and the distance narrowed down to 150 meters. Back in my flat, on the balcony, remains out by 150 meters. Weird.

Went to the front of the aprtment, leaned out the window, and the app, poor maps, caught up and showed a fix down to the 2 meters or thereaboughts.

Hmmm. I'll test the road delay, later.

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Well, that again points to inaccuracy issues - not the problem I am having as I have detailed in the initial post.

The problem I have is that (even with a good and accurate GPS Fix and correct location on the Jolla Maps) the internal 'location service' which reports my location to applications (which are not directly using the GPS) does not update with the valid GPS data acquired earlier on.

Fludizz ( 2016-03-15 16:24:13 +0300 )edit

that's not exactly what you reported, but not to quibble. Please give me an example of an app depending on the service, just Browser?

In any case, I think this is related behaviour. But I'll test for the case of gps fix (delayed) and not updating in browser. It would be easier if you stated what you where doing in the browser? To what end was location data required for what purpose in the browser? Assuming the internal browser (whcih I don't use)?

And, it dawns on me, flight mode implies that wifi is off? Not so? Certainly is the case when I go into flight mode.

poetaster ( 2016-03-15 16:44:31 +0300 )edit

The browser is the native app that doesn't get the correct location. Regarding the android apps, WhatsApp is another example. It shows the exact same location as the (native) browser does when I attempt to share my location, completely regardless of the GPS fix. The data used in the browser is for a foursquare checkin. Do note that after using the location once, it will get updated eventually, but that will take a day or so (!!), even with a good GPS fix.

Getting a GPS fix and the accuracy of the GPS fix is not a problem on my Jolla, the GPS device is working perfectly fine.

Regarding flight mode: Yes, if you toggle flight mode, it will always also disable WiFi. But you can manually enable WiFi without turning off Flight Mode.

Analyzing the behaviour, it seems as if the location service on the Jolla itself does not use GPS data for updating it's actual location. This is suspicion is reinforced because any apps directly using the GPS device do have the correct location as soon as it has a fix.

Fludizz ( 2016-03-15 17:26:52 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-15 17:05:47 +0300

poetaster gravatar image

updated 2016-03-15 21:51:25 +0300

Laughs. Poor maps, here.

  1. Launch app, on balcony. Shows last position (the correct position).

  2. Share -> Other -> browser -> google maps

  3. Google shows correct position

  4. Return to (last run) Poor maps (same in here) 150 meters to the north for CURRENT fix.

Dunno if it has anything to do with your problem but strongly suggest it does :) There is a lag between fix being updated for other services (in my case minutes and meters, in yours, hours and kilometers).

I'll file another issue if you think I'm still off base. In any case, boy do I miss ovi maps. Btw. I'm a sysadmin, so if you suggest a debug route (terminal binary to debug gps) I can do so.

Some time passes...

Then I did the following: 1. Went outdoors to pick up my son. Turned on the Poor Mapapp. After clearing the buildings, guick fix (so under a minute). 2. Did a share, opening browser to google. Which was the correct location. Both from fix and shown from the carried over coordinates. But those, were not really, location sharing. That was just parameter passing. 3. Concluded, the GPS needs much more clearing from buildings than the Huwai P6, forinstance. But am stumped how to continue.

If I 1. turn off all data (mobile and wifi) 2. BUT run to work with GPS on tomorrow, then 3. Turn off GPS and walk home after work. 4.Turn on GPS at home on the balcony. 5. Use location in Browser ( how best to do so)?

Is that a use case. I suspect it will lag a bit. But that seemed, in my case, to be more a problem of getting a fix in the first place?

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Ok. It seems like I can't reproduce something like your results.

I'm only speculating, but it may be that strong wireless antennas (Berlin Freifunk open wireless access) may be distorting the initial fixes at my home. It also appears to be that recent (last fix) wireless wins till enough satellites are in view.

poetaster ( 2016-03-24 12:52:16 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-10 22:15:56 +0300

DarkTuring gravatar image

Same here, on Sailfish X it takes 3.5 minutes, with Here App Open, Offline Maps installed, High Precision GPS activated.

  1. Search map for store 1mi away,
  2. Had to restart network layer because i had disconnected from WIFI needed to reconnect to mibile data, since i walked down to car;
  3. Didnt fin GPS location since car in covered spot under concrete;
  4. Drove into open in the middle of the street and WAITED;
  5. 3.5Min later map could connect and find store, calculate route and start voice guidance;

To me thats WAY TOO SLOW.

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how to find the current location

saurabh kumar ( 2017-11-11 08:45:27 +0300 )edit

answered 2018-06-14 16:14:41 +0300

cquence gravatar image

Same on Sailfish X, using the foursail app for foursquare checkins doesn't seem to be possible. I either get outdated location info or nothing at all for a long time. I use the GPSInfo app and when that gets a fix then I open foursail and the location is updated. As soon as I close the GPSInfo app the fix is gone and the location reverts to it's previous wrong location or "searching for location" state..

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answered 2016-03-15 13:52:01 +0300

poetaster gravatar image

I just got a Jolla and went through all the updates to current. 2. 500 Meter's off! Doesn't update on maps (here or osm based apps) with any apparent logic (or measured amount of motion). I'll check to see if an update lag in the location service is the problem. Will report tomorrow.

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answered 2018-12-04 14:00:27 +0300

sumitpur gravatar image

I had also not getting proper location in my phone , but found that if I open the wi-fi although using the mobile data for the navigation phone always shows correct location. You can try this in your phone. It works inside the building also.

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Same with my XA2+ . Panicking husband when gps doesn't show up. It happens in HereWeGo. Please Jolla, can this be fixed with the next update? I am willing to pay for updates, if that helps.

Kea ( 2020-03-09 13:15:04 +0300 )edit
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