Amazon store thinks Jolla is a tablet? [not relevant]

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I have a problem with some apps from the Amazon store. There are apps that are available on the Amazon website but you can't buy them on the Jolla. Maybe Amazon thinks the Jolla is a tablet? The phone version of Photoshop touch is not available to buy, but the tablet version is there.

It would be great if there was some way to change this, as I have just bought the Gonemad Player Unlocker from Amazon and it doesn't work on the Gonemad trial I got from 1mobile store. 1mobile store has no unlocker and amazon store ONLY has the unlocker on my Jolla, so I can't install the trial from Amazon.

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I'm also have problems finding apps from Amazons appstore. I have looked from the stores web interface that the store has whatsapp available for download, but I can't find it with the store app.

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Not anymore

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