Android: No real [Return] "Fire" button

asked 2018-04-03 09:26:32 +0300

cy8aer gravatar image

With dalvik I have a problem with the [Return] button. There are applications which expect a [Return] when entering fields, e. g. german DHL Paket which expects a [Return] after entering a package number or Ubiquiti Unifi which expects a [Return] after entering the Controller's password.


  • Start DHL Paket
  • Enter "Sendungsnummer" field and type in the sending number of your package (or any other number, for the test it does not matter)
  • Press [Return]


  • start unifi app
  • Click on Direct Access + button
  • Fill the form (this can also be fake data)
  • Enter the password
  • Press the [Return] button

Expected behavior (when using an android device):

The keyboard disapears, the app begins to search for your package and opens an information box or unifi tries to open the connection to the (fake) controller.

Behavior with dalvik Nothing happens you are still in the field and keyboard is open.

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