[Italian translation] Several mistakes in browser settings translation

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I found several mistakes in the Italian translation of Sailfish Browser's settings. I've already suggested on translate.sailfish.org all the corrections to be made, but I wanted to also list them here in order to explain them.

  • settings_browser-la-close_all_tabs ("Close all tabs on exit"). "Chiudi tutti i tab in uscita" is wrong, firstly because everywhere else "tab" is (correctly) translated as "scheda" and, because of consistency, it should be translated here, too. And, lastly, "in uscita" does not mean anything. Suggested translation: "Chiudi tutte le schede all'uscita".

  • settings_browser-la-close_all_tabs_description ("When exiting the Sailfish Browser, all open tabs will be closed"). Current translation: "Chiudendo Sailfish Browser tutti i tab aperti verranno chiusi". The previous reasoning about "tab" applies here, too. Suggested translation: "Chiudendo Sailfish Browser tutte le schede aperte verranno chiuse".

  • settings_browser-la-tracking_description ("Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked"). Current translation: "Indica ai siti cosa non desidero tracciare". This is a big mistake and it's plain wrong, as the current translation means "Tell sites what I do not want to track". Suggested translation: "Indica ai siti che non desidero essere tracciato".

  • settings_browser-la-clear_history_description ("Clears history and open tabs"). Current translation: "Elimina cronologia e apre schede". Another big mistake. It's wrong because "open" is not a verb here (it would not make any sense), but an adjective. Suggested translation: "Elimina cronologia e schede aperte".

  • sailfish_browser-la-config-warning (Changing these advanced settings may cause problems with stability, security and performance of the browser. Continue anyway?). This is a minor mistake: the accent on "stabilit√°" is wrong and it should be "stabilit√†"


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I think tranlations deserve a dedicated disussion channel, since something similar happened for German translations.
Reading this I'm starting to suspect the tranlators to fill in missing strings using machine translation (aka Google Translate). Although understandable given the limited time frames on releases that would be a very bad idea from a linguistic perspective and of course for UX.

rozgwi ( 2018-06-06 01:49:49 +0300 )edit

@rozgwi: Some people are just not as good at creating grammatically correct and consistent sentences as others, or at guessing the meaning of the source string from the (lack of) context. There are no machine translations involved, because those would sound completely wrong.

nthn ( 2018-06-06 14:45:53 +0300 )edit