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ambiences all zoomed on sf 3

asked 2018-11-04 13:29:08 +0300

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updated 2019-01-25 09:55:40 +0300

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hi everyone,

i created some ambiences on sailfish 2 and they look great but on sailfish 3 they look completely zoomed on the homescreen, and i specified homescreen because in app the ambiences looks great and as they should be, does anyone know why ?as my ambiences are already 2048x2048 and i don't know where to start looking for

by the way, even the first one has the same problem...

edit: issue still present in

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that's not a duplicate as i'm asking why the image get cropped only on sf3 and not why the image is generally cropped

247 ( 2018-11-04 14:41:24 +0300 )edit

for me this is also the case for all the standard ambiences from jolla! its actually the reason why i dont use my favourite ambience (aloe) anymore. hen its zoomed in it looks just bad. i didnt think its a bug. i just thought its a lame attempt to make use of different screen resolution when you dont want to rescale the images. in other words i just thought its jolla being lazy.

misc11 ( 2019-01-25 15:24:34 +0300 )edit

@misc11 - Aloe ambience was from the days of SailfishOS 1.0, then we moved on to SailfishOS 2.0 and the versions of ambience changed, this added a few extra lines of detail into the .ambience file. Now we are SailfishOS 3.0 and now another detail is added to the .ambience file.

Also worthy of note; Aloe Ambience has a dimension of 540px Wide X 1600px High, we as now, we are using an image size base of 2048 X 2048, so yeah, no wonder Aloe looks like crap under SFOS 3.0....you would need to recreate the ambience aloe image as a 2048 x 2048 to make it display nicely under SFOS 3.0.

If you were to select a .ambience file from a type 1, 2 and 3 ambience, compare them side by side, you'll see the difference and what extra lines of code are required. I also realise the ambience system is not perfect and most of what I think I know so far, has been gleaned by simply study the different .ambience files as SFOS has evolved.

Spam Hunter ( 2019-01-25 17:40:17 +0300 )edit

@Edz ok, so there are technocal reasons.... but as customer who has payed for the ambience by buying TOH and using it still on jolla one i dont see a reason why it should be zoomed in now. the resolutions of my screen hasnt changed. if jolla doesnt want to update their old ambiences for higher resolution phones, fine. but its not reason to make it look ugly on the jolla1...

misc11 ( 2019-01-25 17:44:26 +0300 )edit

I also paid for several TOH's and still use them on my Jolla1 under SFOS 3.0 but I edited the images in photoshop to make them compatible with SFOS 3.0...or you can wait for Jolla to do or not do something about it. Personally, I have little in the way of expectations because when you expect, there is much room for disappointment.

Spam Hunter ( 2019-01-25 18:09:12 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-01-24 12:52:48 +0300

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updated 2019-01-25 17:48:27 +0300

Okay, not a duplicate, I actually marked my comment as 'related', comment removed anyway.

Yes, there are some subtle changes that have taken place with ambience, but upon dismantling your tardis ambience, I can see a catalogue of errors, which explains to me why your ambience is not working correctly under SFOS 3.0.

For starters; your tardis image is very small compared to the main canvas (2048 x 2048), when really your tardis image should be almost filling the top and bottom of the canvas, meaning it should be centred to the main canvas.

When installed, I found your SPEC file installed in the ambience-tardis folder - it really should not be there, you need to address your SPEC file and remove the line telling it to install your SPEC file - it's not doing any harm being there but should not be there anyway.

Then, on to your ambience-tardis.ambience file, it has 3 important lines of code missing from it to make it suitable for use in SFOS 3. Try comparing yours against and Jolla pre-installed ambience, such as 'Airy', you should see the difference right away.

To help you and others interested in making ambience, I created an example using photoshop, showing what we are working with and what the ambience algorithm is doing to the image.

Image 1 ~ size: 2048px X 2048px (canvas)

Image 2 ~ size: 1160px X 2048px (approx)

Image 3 ~ size: 540px X 960px (screenshot actual size)

Image 1 is from Jolla's 'ambience-party' ambience (2048px X 2048px)

Image 2 is increased in size to: 1160px X 2048px until the TOP and the BOTTOM of the image touch the perimeter of Image 1 (2048px X 2048px). This is what the ambience algorithm is doing to the image.

Image 3 (540px X 960px) is a screenshot taken with my Jolla1 and it shows you how it initially fits into a 2048px X 2048px canvas.

image description

Here's the same image in landscape view. While in portrait mode, I pinched the image until the TOP and BOTTOM of image 2 touch the TOP and BOTTOM of my display, then rotate the device......

image description

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How does this translate to the landscape mode? I often see beheaded people here as it cuts top and bottom. Any advice on how to fix this?

leszek ( 2019-01-25 17:20:37 +0300 )edit

@leszek - bear in mind first off, the Jolla1 was never meant to fully support landscape views, certainly for homescreen. Without playing with a specific image, it's hard to say what the end result will look like. If you save a copy of my image above and view it on a Jolla1 and then pinch it until Image 2 touches top and bottom of your display, you can then rotate the device (if you have a rotation patch applied) and you will see how this particular image behaves in landscape mode.

Spam Hunter ( 2019-01-25 17:41:57 +0300 )edit

I meant it more in generall for the Gemini for example and the Jolla Tablet.

leszek ( 2019-01-25 17:44:09 +0300 )edit

I have no idea then, I only have 2 x Jolla1, so I cannot test. I have added another image to my answer showing landscape and yep, it's a bit chopped off, this may look different on the Jolla Tablet.

Spam Hunter ( 2019-01-25 17:50:11 +0300 )edit

Thank you for the answer, for the resolution, that was the best image i could find and was working on sf2 so i thought it was ok, i will check anyway what's missing in my spec files, but if you are refering to the version : sf3 line i've already tried and does not help

247 ( 2019-01-26 19:56:23 +0300 )edit
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