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Sony X Compact [answered]

asked 2018-11-04 23:57:42 +0300

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My Xperia X Compact has just lost 2y Sony support. I am considering installing Sailfish in January (mobile is on warranty until Jan 19). 1. Where is the complete rookie instruction how to install Sailfish? 2. Is the operation reversible? 3. Is there any list of Android applications working on Sailfish? 4. Is it free or paid? It is not clear.

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answered 2018-11-05 09:57:18 +0300

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Hi. For the Xperia X compact only community Version is avaiable. Its free, but it doesn't include android support exchange active sync and xt9 (commercial parts)

However this is possible, that you buy Xperia X licence for 50,- eur, and you got access to closed repositories to install alien dalvik and other commercial parts. but if you are not very familiar with linux and sailfishos - the best would you buy official Sailfishos Device, like Xperia X or XA2 and buy official Sailfishos image imagefor it

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So would you please elaborate on the android support. I was wondering if I can use instant messenger - such as telegram- and Maps App with sailfish

bompy ( 2018-11-05 12:19:23 +0300 )edit

There is a very good native app for map/navigation with offline map support. And there is a native client for telegram (allthough it misses some features). But if you buy the official license and follow the steps provided in description from above link, you have android support and can use android messenger apps as well.

naytsyrhc ( 2018-11-05 12:28:20 +0300 )edit

Conversations (an Android messenger app for XMPP/Jabber) works pretty well under SailfishOS. OSMand~ (a maps app) also. Both available in the F-Droid store. Signal works too, but causes a significant battery drain.

Mario ( 2018-11-05 13:23:52 +0300 )edit

The community port works, but is outdated, has no android support and the camera is out of focus.

If you have access to a Linux machine - or know someone who has - I'd suggest buying the Xperia X image and patch it with five simple steps, as described at the very bottom on this page: h After that just follow Jolla's official instructions (

Works perfectly, you get Android support, access to Jolla's store, automatic updates from Jolla and the camera is working properly.

citronalco ( 2018-11-05 22:47:17 +0300 )edit

answered 2018-11-05 13:00:08 +0300

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updated 2018-11-05 13:01:15 +0300

More detailed answers:

Where is the complete rookie instruction how to install Sailfish?

See here: and here and here (in german)

Is the operation reversible?

Yes it is. However: in order to keep DRM files and really get everything reverted, you must backup those. This requires additional steps and ist described here on TJC:

Is there any list of Android applications working on Sailfish?

I'd say all apps that support KitKat 4.4 and do not rely on Google Play Services should work.

Is it free or paid? It is not clear.

The official License costs 50 EUR. That brings you "Predictive Text Input", "Exchange Sync" and "Android Support". The community port is free but you won't have those features.

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OK, so there is a list of Android apps I'd like to have: - Google Maps - Signal - WhatsApp - FireFox - Chrome - K9 mail - Terminus (or any other ssh client supporting keys and ed25519) - TescoPay - Google Pay or any other NFC equivalent

Does it mean, that without Android Support I will not have an access to above?

horizn ( 2018-11-05 14:38:37 +0300 )edit

Google Maps will most probably not work, as it requires Google Play Services to my knowledge. But there is a very good native alternative calledPure Maps. Signal works, allthough some complain about battery drain. There used to be a native client, but unfortunately it's discontinued. Whatsapp works as far as I remember. Firefox works. Chrome works. K9 Mail: don't know, but the native mail client is very good and sufficient IMHO). Terminus: don't know, but you have a full linux terminal with bash and ssh support natively. TescoPay, GooglePay: most probably not, as they probably require Google Play Services and as they need NFC support. NFC support is currently unavailable.

naytsyrhc ( 2018-11-05 15:03:37 +0300 )edit

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