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FOSDEM 2019 [answered]

asked 2018-12-14 08:40:45 +0300

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updated 2019-02-02 23:06:50 +0300

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FOSDEM 2019 \o/

Let's meet face to face, discuss in the community topics.

Like the last Years we had BoF and community dinner in Brussels on the FOSDEM's Saturday evening, let's do this again.

Community round-table

We will hold a BoF discussion on Saturday in building H room H.3244 from 2pm local time.Live stream link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ17tWlxCiA

If you can't make it to FOSDEM, we will try to live stream the audio =)

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I have too little karma to edit the page. Can somebody add me to the list with menu choice of "Tajine of Kefta minced meat, tomatoes sauce"?

JvD ( 2019-01-22 08:47:24 +0300 )edit

@JvD done.

cybette ( 2019-01-22 10:00:08 +0300 )edit

sailme app is up to date with this year schedule for all the fosdem sailor :)

netvandal ( 2019-01-25 17:50:52 +0300 )edit

I would definitely like to come, if there is a round table or a similar event format. A dinner is nice, but not so efficient to discuss or to get an overview about the activities and status of developement in the community. Some news about time and location?

jsommer ( 2019-01-26 13:13:39 +0300 )edit

@jsommer there is the plan to have a round table on Sunday ;)

Nokius ( 2019-01-26 17:20:36 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-01-26 00:07:48 +0300

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updated 2019-01-29 01:17:32 +0300

Thaodan gravatar image


It's FOSDEM again, let's meet and have dinner \o/

This year we will return to

La Kasbah (Moroccan cuisine)

Antoine Dansaertstraat 20
1000 Brussel

We reserved a table for 20 pax for 19:30 Saturday 02.02.

The menu (should be an affordable place for everyone)

Please select (if possible) your main choice from the menu and add it after your name. Thanks

* the following list has been send to the restaurant *

  1. Nokius (Hajine of lamb with raisin, onions and sesame seeds)
  2. Cybette (Tajine of chicken with prunes, almonds and sesame seeds)
  3. RodSeq (Tajine of lamb with prunes and grilled almonds)
  4. Ygriega (Grill Kasbah)
  5. JayBeRayBearGun (Skewer kasbah Skewer of lamb, chicken, Oriental sausage)
  6. Thaodan(Grill Kasbah, Skewer kasbah Skewer of lamb, chicken, Oriental sausages)
  7. ljo (Harira soup without meat, Large mezze (veg), Festival of sorbet)
  8. Nora (Couscous Vegetables)
  9. sledges (Tajine of Kefta minced meat, tomatoes sauce)
  10. DylanVanAssche (Skewer of chicken)
  11. eekkelund (Skewer kasbah Skewer of lamb, chicken, Oriental sausage)
  12. abranson (Tajine of Kefta minced meat, tomatoes sauce)
  13. Louis (Chicken Pastilla,Tajine of lamb with raisin, onions and sesame seeds, Ice cream Thousand ans One Night)
  14. Daniel (Harira Moroccan soup, Grill: Skewer of lamb, Delight Atlas)
  15. JvD (Tajine of Kefta minced meat, tomatoes sauce)
  16. r0kk3rz (skewer of lamb, festival or sorbet)
  17. pasik (Grill Kasbah )
  18. Aniello ( Couscous: Skewer of lamb )
  19. Morena (Vegetable couscous)
  20. mosen (Grill Kasbah, Festival of sorbet)

* please bring your 💵 / 💳 *

cu in a week \o/

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Please don't change your meal choice, I made the order already ;)

Nokius ( 2019-01-30 20:31:16 +0300 )edit

You can connect the onedrive personal all function here,

jane909192 ( 2019-12-07 17:40:52 +0300 )edit

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