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Optionally show photo of all people in People application

asked 2013-12-26 00:00:58 +0300

Nux gravatar image

updated 2013-12-26 09:17:56 +0300

MattVogt gravatar image

At first People application seemed very empty. I was expecting some faces of my friends (especially those from Facebook). I'm bad with remembering names - especially those I call by their nick name ;-).

So it would be nice to have at least an option to show all photos (images) when browsing the contacts list (not only show them on favorites).

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answered 2013-12-26 16:49:42 +0300

redge73 gravatar image

not reinventing the people, just adapt from symbian s3 (N8-00) contacts to SailfishOS UI people improve import/export people with all data saved (include picture)

1st piece of a phone unfriendly. Apps > People > import from generic "From file" without the name is useless and totally unfriendly and time consuming i would be happy to import select all in single step !

for now, people is totally unusable... for me,:-/ so i must temporary switch back to my old working Nokia N8-00 until next major update January would fix/solve annoying basic function of Jolla phone

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For importing people/contacts see this question. It has some answers which worked for me. I think you should be able to export vcf files from N8, but I don't have it so you might need to ask a separate question.

Nux ( 2013-12-26 19:44:29 +0300 )edit

thank, i finally found the issue, timeout... and vcard located on Transfers, if not selected, just ignored and not automatically imported to people and counter is increased the filename.vcf , filename_1.vcf , etc

i did send contact by bluetooth one by one with picture successfully :-) but loose a lot of precious time :-/ I see duplicate file but don't know where are stored file received on jolla (i see file in Transfers)

redge73 ( 2013-12-27 04:36:39 +0300 )edit
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