Enabling VPN without (prior to getting) network connection fails with password protection

asked 2019-07-19 20:33:13 +0200

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Great idea, but this does not work with Password-protected OpenVPN configurations. The device establish the internet connection before I can enter my password. Or is there a possibility to store the Private Key Password? Edit: Even if I change from from mobile network to Wifi with activated VPN, the possibility to enter the password is offerd after the device ist connected. It seems like the client realize that there is a password protection in the moment the server is asking for it. So the client should better know that a passphrase is needed

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Depending on your configuration (and that of the VPN server, of course), you may have a passphrase protected cryptographic key in your configuration and/or have the remote server ask a passphrase (e.g. via Radius) for connection. AFAIK, SFOS does not handle the former gracefully, and for the latter establishing an encrypted connection to exchange authentication information is of course necessary.

Maus ( 2019-07-21 19:31:58 +0200 )edit