Keep captions when arranging launcher icons [duplicate]

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Huu, I'm in the arrangement view and ready to re-arrange some icons... But: which icon stands for which app now? No idea, I don't remember/know them well enough.

I'd prefer if the icons would keep the caption as in the normal launcher view.

Maybe the asthetics would suffer a bit, but the usability would (imo) improve. What do you think?

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Now, with folders, this is more important than ever. In rearrangement mode, you only see the folder icon and a number; with a few folders there's no way of remembering which one is which...

(This can be done with Patchmanager from OpenRepos, but it really should be the default option.)

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Hey guys, this is a duplicate of please vote for that one (it already has 18) so we can add up the votes! Thanks

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How can my question be a duplicate if it has been asked on Feb. 7 and the other one on May 15... (but I'm fine with closing my question here as a duplicate, clean up things is always good:)

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@chappi, you are right, the other one is duplicate actually. But maybe in this case it makes more sense to close this and keep the newer one open, because it has more votes.

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