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Impossible to update sailfish [answered]

asked 2013-12-27 19:04:30 +0300

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updated 2014-01-19 19:30:11 +0300

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I tried several times to update sailfish to version but it always failed. At a certain point my jolla told me the update it was ready to install, then it restarted and nothing was installed. Now there's always the update notification visible and when I try to install it again, nothing happens, no windows opened, no messages, nothing. It says my system version is Can anyone help me, please?

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Ok, thank you very much, at least now I was able to restore the store and I can view the update screen again. The installation doesn't work for now, but I'll wait.

Gabir ( 2013-12-27 19:31:41 +0300 )edit

Same here. Update was downloaded after a good time. Aparently it was applied: reboot, black screen with Sailfish logo and progress bar. After reboot I am as before, with, the update notification and trying to update again. Luckily the store app is working for me.

Eismann ( 2013-12-27 20:10:43 +0300 )edit

It happened to me too, several times...I think all we can do is wait and see if things will improve, otherwise I hope in some info from the Jolla team itself about this software update.

Gabir ( 2013-12-27 20:37:56 +0300 )edit

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answered 2013-12-27 19:08:28 +0300

Sailor gravatar image

updated 2013-12-27 19:09:15 +0300

The only solution at the moment is waiting. The store servers are heavy overloaded and this causes many problems during upgrade.

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Yes, it is surely possible, I only hope not to have to do a factory reset because nothing works anymore, I had several issues with the store and I must add that it's only working in 3G mode and only sometimes! Thank you for the reply, however!

Gabir ( 2013-12-27 19:13:31 +0300 )edit

@Gabir, check if this helps.

pnuu ( 2013-12-27 19:18:34 +0300 )edit

Ok, it works for the store issue, even if I'm not good at all with terminal!

Gabir ( 2013-12-27 19:33:22 +0300 )edit

answered 2013-12-27 21:06:33 +0300

Gabir gravatar image

Hey guys, this message is just to let you know that I finally succeed in the system update installation! I really think it's a server issue that causes all this mess. I would like to thank you the persons that answered/commented my post, you have been very helpful!

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I have been able to update it too. BTW, the tutorial app has disappeared, but, who cares...

Eismann ( 2013-12-27 21:42:47 +0300 )edit

Congratulations :). Now you can close your question :).

Sailor ( 2013-12-28 00:26:56 +0300 )edit

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