[Bug] File time stamp is offset when files are listed on PC

asked 2014-04-15 23:05:36 +0300

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  • Handset and PC (Windows 7) connected via USB
  • Computer file browser shows directory "Computer\Sailfish\Phone Memory\Pictures\Camera"
  • PC and handset are set to Central European Summer Time (CSET)


The time stamp of all files (photos) in the folder as shown on the PC are 1 hour (photos taken before switch to CSET) or 2 hours (photos taken since switch to CSET) behind their actual creation time.

When copying the files onto the PC, their time stamp is shown correctly.

(I expect, this is the case for all files on the handset, but have not checked this.)

PS: I do not know whether this is a problem of Sailfish providing the wrong time stamp information or of Windows not interpreting the time stamp information correctly. I am quite sure, there is some type of standard/RFC that specifies how time stamps should be exchanged between different computational devices.

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