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About the contribution and shipping cost for Tablet campaign

asked 2014-11-19 22:20:40 +0300

Nikolaj v Veh gravatar image

So, I contributed for the tablet, happy to participate!

I realize that this question has been asked in different ways earlier in the comment section, but the answer remains a bit unclear to me. Plus, for some reason I can't log in to indiegogo's site... So I thought I'd post my questions here:

I chose the Early Sailor's perk for 204 USD, and added 25 USD to that sum as an optional extra contribution. Does that optional extra sum (25 USD) count as the shipping cost? Or do I need to go back and choose the Shipping perk and make a separate payment?


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answered 2014-11-20 00:09:02 +0300

luen gravatar image

The instructions for the perks say that you should add $20 for shipping. The idea is most probably that this should be done via the "additional gift", found on page 1 when completing the details after having selected the perk. However, for those who forgot (this is clearly stated) to add the extra $20, this can be done with the special shipping perk afterwards.

If I was Jolla, I would interpret your contribution as $204 for a tablet, $20 for shipping, and the remaining $5 as an extra donation. Since you selected another amount than the suggested $20, Jolla might double-check your intent, but don't count on that. If you want to give Jolla an extra $25 donation (except the tablet and shipping), you probably should add the $20 shipping perk.

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I really don't understand why Jolla chose to keep the shipping cost separate, it's just bizarre, since you have to pay shipping to get the product.

I was one of the first 500 on the indiegogo site, but this shipping thing confused me, and I ended up paying USD199 instead of USD189, thinking that 199 included shipping (I'm dyslexic with numbers, and mix up digits).

Then I realized shipping was additional. Shot off an indiegogo support email to ask them to fix it. Instead, they actually refunded the complete payment "as a special one-off case!"

Now 24 hours later, the euphoria has worn off, and I've decided to wait for launch and buy it (if at all) at retail. On the bright side, funding has crossed USD857K as of now, so Jolla doesn't really need my money ...

Sanjay Mehta ( 2014-11-20 05:47:18 +0300 )edit

While keeping the shipping price separate is unpractical and prone to errors for the IGG backer, it may have helped Jolla PR to show a lower price on their campaign.

simosagi ( 2014-11-22 17:51:07 +0300 )edit

I'm sure that was the idea, clever, but deceptive.

Meanwhile, not only did I lose out on being one of the first 1000 to sign up for this, I also lost around USD17 in the whole charge/reversal process. Not happy.

Sanjay Mehta ( 2014-11-24 07:21:18 +0300 )edit
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