[Request] [Jolla Tablet] Cellular 3G/4G connectivity and some added features for tablet is must have [duplicate]

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Wifi Only will do in some countries but not in all, Countries like india need a cellular data connectivity atleast give 3G. It will be a deal breaker for many people, especially in emerging markets, If required release two variants one wifi only and one with 3G/4G, if want take 20-30 dollars more for celluar variant but don't miss a trick here, not all require cellular connectivity but most of people will welcome this addition, make it a people's tablet we the people want jolla accordingly make the tablet its a HUMBLE REQUEST. And why should I buy jolla when there are so many options available? Please do add some specific applications Which should be UNLIKE others that what I meant by added features, like galaxy note comes handy because of its stylus support right, make some 2-3 features or applications specific to Jolla Tablet which should be useful, Give buyers and crowd a reason to have a tablet Unlike others, Added features can include some applications or even accessories but it should separate Jolla tablet from those available in Market!!!! And Maybe don't stop jolaa batch offers till crowd sourcing last day is reached please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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