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asked 2014-12-15 17:23:01 +0300

updated 2015-10-28 15:22:33 +0300

Well I was using my Dad's old Sony phone and saw this amazing feature where I can restrict the Contacts displayed based on certain criteria such as Account (FB, Google, etc), Phone Number, SIM, Device, etc . Currently, in People app it syncs all my Google contacts which am quite happy with but would love to have the ability of displaying only certain Contacts to avoid cluttered display, eg: Contacts that have Phone number(s) in People App. (Would need other Contacts for mailing, chatting, etc). I am sure we could think of few more useful filter criteria. This 'Filter' could option be available under the Pulley menu. - Saw this topic after posting, it is related but doesn't talk about filter explicitly.

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Still no way to scroll through contacts beyond one letter of the alphabet at a time, either ...

midnightoil ( 2014-12-15 20:49:34 +0300 )edit

Even better, have categories for contacts. A filter would be second best.

Sometimes I wonder if Jolla devs have ever used a mobile phone before. C'mon, these features have been around for decades!

pichlo ( 2015-10-28 16:50:59 +0300 )edit