Contacts search by company, title etc. [duplicate]

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The search function in contacts should search through peoples' additional information as well - not only first and last name. In business use this is highly important, as you don't always remember certain contacts' names, only their company or position in a certain company. You might also remember them from a certain task you're supposed to conclude with them, or from where you previously met. This information is often imported from services like Google contacts etc.

If, for example, I would be searching for someone from Jolla whom I met at the Jolla launch party, I could type in the search field "Jolla", after which "Name: Marc Dillon, Company: Jolla" and "Name: Stefano Mosconi, Company: Jolla", would come up. :)

Therefore, I see it highly important that the search function in contacts is made just a little "smarter" and comprehensive.

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It does work. I just tested to be sure, but you can open search from menu and search by anything that is in the basic an details part (including all names, even nickname and company name).

Nux ( 2013-12-31 04:33:26 +0300 )edit

This is the same issue addressed by this question:

We do search these details, but they only assist with finding results when they have been loaded into memory. At the moment, we don't load them into memory at startup because they would slow down the application startup. I will make a change to bring more data in after the application has started up, however.

MattVogt ( 2013-12-31 04:39:02 +0300 )edit

@Nux: it would be more accurate to say 'it can work' :) It depends on what data has been loaded, so if you have already looked at a specific contact, and then go to search for something in that contact, you will find it. If you hope to match an email address of a contact you haven't looked at, however, you will be disappointed.

MattVogt ( 2013-12-31 04:40:47 +0300 )edit

Ah, OK. Now I see. Maybe you could cache indexes and re-index upon importing contacts. That should work in most cases.

Nux ( 2013-12-31 04:48:07 +0300 )edit