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Bug: SDK VM connection lost during build/deploy

asked 2014-01-01 16:49:41 +0300

It looks like I cannot use "Deploy as RPM package" nor "Deploy by building an RPM package" in QtCreator, because when the procedure arrives at the deploying phase it gets disconnected from SDK VM.

Please note: I'm using OSX 10.9.1, latest VirtualBox version (4.3.6) and latest SailfishOS SDK.

I start QtCreator, I open my project, I click on the green icon of the SDK VM and I wait it to become red (running), then I click on the big "Play" button to start building and deploy.

This is the output from build/deploy: http://pastebin.com/UMPv5LX9

At the same time I was connected with SSH to the SDK VM and I was running journalctl -fand this is the output: http://pastebin.com/2GGM45JG

Please note that I was not disconnected from the SSH session, even if QtCreator got disconnected.

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answered 2014-01-02 18:52:49 +0300

kaltsi gravatar image

We debugged this a bit online and there were a couple of interesting findings.

The original problem was, that the connection between Qt Creator and the MerSDK virtual machine timed our when trying to deploy an RPM package. The timeout occurs when this part of the RPM build is run:

Checking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /home/deploy/installroot

Something in that step wants to resolve SailfishSDK hostname and for some reason it takes a long while in some environments. A workaround for this is to add that name into your host's /etc/hosts file as an alias for localhost. It is already present in MerSDK's /etc/hosts, but apparently it's not enough in every environment.

There was another issue that the MerSDK virtual machine's default gateway was set to eth1 instead of eth0 that made MerSDK unable to connect to the device. Again why this happened, is unknown. The workaround was to reboot the host machine.

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