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How do I change the channel for WLAN AP mode [answered]

asked 2015-02-18 14:25:20 +0300

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updated 2015-02-18 15:15:24 +0300

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I have a question about changing the wifi channel to a specific one in wifi tethering mode. In the HMI there is no option for it. Is there a config file to set the channel to e.g. 12 or 13? I bet there is but I'm too stupid to find... ;-)


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You could try with iwconfig from the CLI. I assume this needs root though and I cannot check yet as my dear Jolla is out for repair.

Something like iwconfig wlan0 channel 13 should be it.

Venty ( 2015-02-18 15:48:21 +0300 )edit

Hello, Thank you for your help. Unfortunately wlan0 disappears to be an configurable iwconfig device after enabling tethering via Settings. If I type iwconfig wlan0 mode master it prints an error. I think this is solved differently in the Jolla phone. But thanks anyway. Helped me learn a lot more about Wireless interfaces in Linux!

Kerwes ( 2015-02-18 17:43:36 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-02-19 03:29:51 +0300

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In short.. it is not supported and currently we have no plans for it.

The same thing was discussed in #connman-channel at Freenode a while ago, and this was said:

ConnMan is meant to be simple to use so in this respect the frequency setting is not probably be accepted. It is not expected that normal user would be able to select a suitable freq.

There is automatic channel selection support (ACS) in wpa_supplicant but using it for setting up the AP would require some coding/fixing and that should be done on the upstream of wpa_supplicant.

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answered 2019-09-21 01:16:11 +0300

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updated 2019-09-21 02:22:06 +0300

Andorid Oreo+ allows hospot frequency selection. Blackberry OS10 (R.I.P.) allowed hospot frequency selection on Classic, Passport and other TOTL OS10 phones. Sony Experia XA Plus, even if being an 802.11a/b/g/n phone, with Oreo+ does not allow hospot frequency selection, due to Sony customized Android version. Shame on SONY!!!!

Sad to know that even Sailfish X does not unlock 5 GHz hotspot on XA Plus...very sad...

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