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Anyone happy with Jolla here?

asked 2015-09-01 10:40:18 +0200

zackbuffo gravatar image

updated 2015-09-01 10:51:57 +0200

Sorry, for not posting a question or idea, but I think some things have to be straightened out.

To make one thing clear at start, I understand and agree that there are points to criticise regarding the new Jolla version and of course bugs are bugs. But taking a look at the recent posts here, I think there is a completely wrong perception. By the time of writing, out of the first ten entries at, six (!!!) are Android related...!? WTF?

I know, Jolla has "promised" Andorid compatibility, but wake up, this is a phone running Sailfish OS and not Android. Really, if anyone wants to use the phone like Andorid gear, buy an Android phone.

Second, keep in mind we are running an OS in version 1.1.7. - I remember a blog post about Jolla a few months ago (unfortunately I can't remember were I read it), which perfectly classified the current state of Sailfish OS:

"Apple's iOS was on version 3.2. (don't pin me on the exact version, I'm qouting freely), when it started supporting MMS."

Anyone still complaining about an OS at that early stage in development like Sailfish OS, supporting a different operating system right now and out of the box, but not running prefectly accurate?

That's it all about, Jolla is pretty fine for such an early version with so little manpower for development, compared to Android, iOS, etc.

I definitely do agree, Jolla has very much headroom to improve - the OS itself, the apps and the processes -, but give these guys a little air to breathe.

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That is one very confusing post. Why is the number of android related posts on the landing page important? 15 minutes later that number has changed. Those are just the posts that have been edited most recently. Are people not supposed to report issues with the Android runtime? What is your point? You seem to be coming down on the side of Jolla, but at the same time criticise people who file bug reports about Android compatibility?

One thing I personally very much like is that I can run Android applications without Google Play Services on my phone, that's a huge plus.

2Ti ( 2015-09-01 10:52:28 +0200 )edit

"One thing I personally very much like is that I can run Android applications without Google Play Services on my phone, that's a huge plus."

I wish I could give a hundred upvotes just for this one sentence. :)

ossi1967 ( 2015-09-01 10:54:33 +0200 )edit

As I stated, bugs must be filed, and the point you made using Andorid apps without Google was for me a unique selling point of Jolla, too.

But reading through all these posts - at least to me personally - it often sounded rather like a rant "why is xy not perfect" than a decent bug report. At that point my main intention was to put some things into (a partly personal) perspective.

zackbuffo ( 2015-09-01 11:03:33 +0200 )edit

I'm quite happy with my Jolla. My post was related to android runtime but If I put phone silence I assume that every sound in phone would be silent. Whatsapp is only android software that I'm using daily (Yes there is native software, but android version works better).

New hardware would be nice because with my usage phone gets a little damage (it sometimes drops). Or possibility to buy first Jolla with cheap prize (249 is too much).

MJolla ( 2015-09-01 11:18:06 +0200 )edit

"Apple's iOS was on version 3.2. (don't pin me on the exact version, I'm qouting freely), when it started supporting MMS."

It is a poor example. MMS really wasn't all that popular in the US in 2007, as evidenced by the fact that Apple's exclusive service provider partner at that time, AT&T, didn't actually have an MMS service - so why would iOS itself need MMS, until it could actually make any use of it? (AT&T didn't introduce an MMS service until September 2009, just after - surprise, surprise - iOS introduced MMS support)

We can go further, iPhone OS 1.0 (as it was) actually had fairly limited functionality - but the iPhone succeeded because, to quote The Verge "Apple focused on getting the core experience right. It focused on speed, consistency between apps, and a making a few features radically better than anything else that was available [at that time]"

Sadly, much as I love some of it, I don't think the core experience of Sailfish is right yet, nor radically better than anything else, almost 20 months after launch.

strongm ( 2015-09-01 12:09:26 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-09-03 12:03:23 +0200

jbruggem gravatar image

updated 2015-09-03 12:03:37 +0200

I love my Jolla phone. I just love it. Every phone has its pitfalls, and Jolla's pitfalls are totally manageable to me.

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answered 2015-09-06 10:52:22 +0200

Larswad gravatar image

Frankly, I'm about to abondon the whole thing. It comes with a cost to be an ideologist obviously. Jolla came with a lot of gimmicks, other half, ambiance, gesture based. But at the end of the day the device falls short when it comes to actual features and functionality. Not to mention all the usability issues that comes along with the young and unsettled OS. The gestures are even more irritating most of the time, rather than serving as a practical help.

Tired of all the things I can't do with the Jolla. The Alien Dalvik lacks a lot of hardware support for instance. Don't say "well go buy an android then". It's more about what I expect from a smartphone today. The browser is a neverending problem child and its just too many pages and content types that simply doesn't work. I can go on, but the problems simply overshadows the uniqueness and spirit of the device. Browser is one thing, but there are a lot of irritating bugs that never seem to get fixed, like the "freezing" of the mail on the first page. The mess with the contact linking. The phone thinking its in a call when its not. It simply never ends, simply usability things.

Had the software houses invested a little in the device on the app side things might have looked different. But jolla seems to stay alone with its faithful community, struggling to catch up with decent app support for hardware and the ecosystem in general. I've had faith in it for quite a while now, but simply just fed up. Now probably looking at a oneplus 2.

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Too bad you feel that way.

You obviously have some problems that affect your workflow. I cannot help thinking the problems might be connected to the alien dalvik use since I have had none of your problems.

juiceme ( 2015-09-07 01:09:48 +0200 )edit

answered 2015-11-05 14:37:26 +0200

Pikku-Y gravatar image

Poor little device that still has no spare batteries for sale. -not good.

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answered 2015-09-03 12:28:24 +0200

objectifnul gravatar image

updated 2015-09-03 12:33:46 +0200

My two cents: yes I'm happy with my Jolla. However, the main criticism I have to make about it (so far) is this: its ecosystem is far from mature as long as (i) its system management is not within everyone's means, it's just for geeks, (ii) the mar­ket for high qual­i­ty, pro­fes­sion­al paid (native) ap­pli­ca­tions is still em­bry­on­ic.

So, it's not yet for everyone.

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answered 2015-09-03 20:41:29 +0200

juiceme gravatar image

I also use the Jolla device as my only mobile computing device that I alway have with me. I do carry a tablet sometimes and a N900 and a N9 now and then but those fairly rarely. Jolla is the only one I currently have a SIMcard in.

I am of course perfectly happy with my device, now even more that I have a real HWKBD on it.

I have no use for android applications, and never have installed Android support on my device. Perhaps for that reason I have next to no problems with it.

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answered 2015-09-03 23:59:21 +0200

peter.woelflingseder gravatar image

I am happy with my Jolla and I use it as my main mobile phone since the beginning in Jan. 2014.

Biggest limitation for me is missing offline navigation support (for that I use an old Android device) and inconsistencies with contacts handling if you have several accounts configured. What is missing here is selection to which account you want to assign a newly created contact instead of assigning it to the device itself.

Best way to impress others in meetings is to put your Jolla on the table and regularly double-tap on it to switch on the display, check the time, and swipe it off without any hardware key... :-)

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...did you try OsmAnd+? works fine for me!

steffenl ( 2015-09-04 18:11:37 +0200 )edit

answered 2015-09-04 02:39:19 +0200

pan tau gravatar image

updated 2015-09-06 03:40:39 +0200

after many years of finding new phone i am finaly happy with replacement to my nokia ( after 260,5110,6150,7110,...N95,N96, and loved best phone ever n97 which i keeped alive with parts from my colegues :),

android wanst becouse of google never ingame, so i only had to try iOS but it failed and device has been degraded to poor XBMC remote controller and just becouse the inApp 'remote control panel' is way better in ios app than in Sailfish it is still in use ;)

but i am also a bit scared by sailfish2, i love current ui, gestures in sailfish v1.x then if i finaly found a good phone, i dont want to change device even software, (well it is maybe all about swipe to home, and swipe to close, and messed coverpage actions)

current market is about no choice: iOS or android, until you will find jolla and then you can forget on sheep habbits what android and iOS spreading to the enduser minds.

then i absolutely dont care about some android support, i understand why they think that it is imporant. but finaly, if the android user will choose jolla, and the basic core is buggy he will be probably disapointed and could spread negative user experience.

  • randomly unable to accept/reject call (workaround: swipe to home and anwer call by coverpage gesture)
  • sometime data needs to be disabled to send SMS
  • caldav calendar events shifted for one hour during summer time
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answered 2015-09-04 02:58:13 +0200

Jolla-be really different gravatar image

Very happy. As my Avatar suggests, I believe that Jolla must be different, i.e. not to follow and clone other OS, but permitting a different experience. As underlined in my question I live in a pure Sailfish ecosystem. Buying a Jolla you can decide what you will have as apps, without being forced to be in the (undesirable) cloud.

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answered 2015-09-08 22:14:38 +0200

Mr.Pancake gravatar image

I was pretty satisfied with my Jolla as an N9 user, but I'm writing this because as of now I'm extremely happy with how things look and work after upgrading to a few days ago. I'm not moving to another ecosystem while my Jolla is healthy and running.

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answered 2015-09-05 08:08:57 +0200

shining gravatar image

tohkbd attached, pressing f2 and I can't get the smile out of my face. One happy gizmo here!

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