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Before reading further, I'd like to suggest not to comment this question at all, to have the end result as clean and as easy to use as possible. All the related discussion can take place withing the older guideline posts, or under this general guideline discussion

The project goal is to create a clean, complete, useful, easy to update, nice looking = attractive (!),

one guideline for using TJC

You're welcome to join the project. I'm thinking about 3 (+1) stages to reach the goal, and setting my schedule for those as follows:

  1. September 12th - ?: check, discuss & edit on all the existing guideline posts. Suggest the content on those as ready and up to date
  2. Afterwards: move all the updated content here as answers, and update the content with usable layout
  3. Later: Final comments on the old quidelines: content moved, does the new meet the requirements?
  4. To finish: Remove double guideline tags. Add any missing guidelines, following the same layout, into this new guideline

STAGE 1 (ongoing, last progress edited in on September 18th):

  • To start with, I'd like to ask you all to visit the existing guideline posts.
  • I've now visited each, adding them an answer related to this project. Please comment/edit the ideas I posted, and check my questions on them.
  • There shouldn't be outdated stuff any more, except on "tags" guideline which needs some bigger attention
  • added one more (guideline (tbd) under "other stuff": Referring to other users
  • added links to "faq" and "about" to the first topic line
  • While going through each old guide, I even got some more reasons to go on with this project: The differing layouts were not only differing too much, but also mostly awful on each. Couldn't call many of those as attractive guidelines :) Well, that was my opinion. Add yours too.
  • Schedule update (above). Project stage 1 left open due to too few comments. More at the general discussion board:

Below, you can see how this new guideline will look like. At least the already linked questions are to be updated and moved here, links updated to point to the renewed content. Content above will be updated during the progress, and removed after the goal is reached (including this red nonsense)

HELP, general short guide - FAQ, recently asked questions - About

Posting a new question - General

Question, Answer and Comment - General

Using the right side panel - General

  • Featured tags (guideline to be added)
  • Tracked questions (guideline to be added)
  • Using tag search (info to be moved from general)
  • Filtering tags (info to be moved from general)

Other stuff

  • Your profile (guideline to be added)
  • Referring to other users with @username (guideline to be added)
  • Tag cloud / People and groups / badges (guidelines to be added)
  • Useful links to external resources

Guideline discussion board

To keep the guide useful and clean, please don't post comments here. If you have comments or ideas regarding this guide, please use this guideline discussion board instead

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