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Which additional quick actions would you like to have?

asked 2015-10-27 14:27:03 +0300

lakutalo gravatar image

updated 2016-08-01 23:37:46 +0300

Since SF you can pull down a panel in events view, where you can place shortcuts and quick actions (Settings -> Events -> Quick actions).

As for now the choice of possible quick actions seems quite expandable imo. Also the new feature to be able to easily change order of all these shortcuts, makes it a natural consequence to have a lot more actions in repertory.

So which additional actions would you like to choose from?

Update by @anandrkris - I guess we need to vote the question as well to garner Jolla's attention. I see more votes for answers. ;)

EDIT: For those who are interested, we've got us a couple of working prototypes already, which make good examples of how quick actions are structured and where they are stored. They eventually led to new patches:

There are also some other quick actions by @Markkyboy not requested here, check his apps in OpenRepos.

EDIT: A straightforward HowTo on creating quick actions was kindly contributed by @rgrnetalk.

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One Quick Action I'm quite desperate for its the delivery of the Jolla Tablet...

bilgy_no1 ( 2015-10-28 19:08:08 +0300 )edit

Hey @bilgy_no1 - there's an app for that!

image description

(Just for sh|ts n giggles!) :D

Edz ( 2015-12-08 00:39:44 +0300 )edit

Nice idea!!! Maybe as Christmast present....but I think that the only way to have the tablets what we paid for is to dream with them.

Jsouto ( 2015-12-08 06:06:51 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-11-01 13:02:11 +0300

tokaru gravatar image

Quick timer (countdown) for one-time use:

  • immediately select duration
  • (ideally) start timer automatically
  • (ideally) auto-remove timer from saved timers when discarding the alert
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At the beginning, just to build on available options:

Some lines should be added to DBusAdaptor block of /usr/share/jolla-clock/clock.qml:

    signal newTimer
    onNewTimer: {
        pageStack.pop(mainPage, PageStackAction.Immediate)

Then a file (say com.jolla.clock.timer.conf) on /usr/share/lipstick/quickactions:


I hope @Markkyboy can help in packaging.

AliN ( 2015-11-25 15:02:48 +0300 )edit

@AliNa - indeed! :)

Edz ( 2015-11-26 22:42:58 +0300 )edit

Made a patch for this and stopwatch.

AliN ( 2015-11-29 13:14:10 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-11-10 18:10:47 +0300

danfin gravatar image

quick actions suck! They are not quick. Swipe right (notifications) plus swipe down (for quick actions) is way slower than swipe up and select the app we need... Better put quick actions on the carousel, so swipe right for notifications, plus right to quick actions.. that's a bit quicker

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I agree with you and that's why I am reluctant to vote for or implement quick actions that merely replace launching an app. Quick actions make sense only if they represent a shortcut for "lanch an app - select something from a menu - scroll down a list of options - enter another menu - do the action".

For example, "Connect to internet".

pichlo ( 2015-11-10 19:14:15 +0300 )edit

It would be one swipe quicker, if you had the option to access shortcuts/quick actions also from home screen: https://together.jolla.com/question/116268/access-favorite-settings-shortcuts-also-from-home-screen/

lakutalo ( 2015-11-10 19:27:11 +0300 )edit

That's a good idea. They make more sense on the home screen than the events. If you're scrolling down your feed, you get the old problem of having to get back to the top to access the pulley. You don't get that problem on the homescreen.

Andy Branson ( 2015-11-11 11:29:57 +0300 )edit

This is maybe a new (important) question and not an answer to the current question... In any case quick action are not quick AND not easy (a sort of slalom of horizontal and vertical movenents). So my suggestion: carousel with 3 faces: home, events, actions. If you reach home, then go left tovevents or right to actions.

Jolla-be really different ( 2015-11-12 06:15:33 +0300 )edit

+1 for quick actions in the carousel.

pichlo ( 2015-11-12 12:21:49 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-11-14 21:13:31 +0300

human19 gravatar image

Toggle sounds on/off. This was really useful in the home screen pulley and is now not to be found anywhere.

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And was something Jolla promised would be returning in Sailfish OS

strongm ( 2015-12-02 11:44:31 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-10-31 16:15:06 +0300

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updated 2015-11-01 18:18:31 +0300

Yo gravatar image

Am I really the only one that wants a shortcut to go to the settings app? IMO it's so obvious among all these settings shortcuts.

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What exactly would be the point? You already have a shortcut to Settings, it's right there in the launcher. Swipe up and tap is one action quicker than swipe right (to get to events view), swipe down (to get to the shortcuts) and tap.

Shortcuts only make sense when they provide a shorter path. Hence the name, shortcut.

pichlo ( 2015-10-31 23:17:21 +0300 )edit

@pichlo Did you vote this down? This question is a poll. Did you ever see someone pull another ones arm down when he tried to raise it for his vote? If you don't want it, just don't vote for it. ;)

No need to decide for me if this is quicker or not. As I use the settings rarely I have it in an app folder and have to scroll to get to the bottom of that folder. So it's swipe up, tap, scroll down, tap for me. But I do not need many quick actions or shortcuts so there is room for the settings app.

Thanks for letting me decide how to use my phone and what I want.

Yo ( 2015-11-01 13:55:31 +0300 )edit

Sorry, my understanding was that you can vote up or down. Now unvoted, though I doubt it would make such a difference.

If you, by your own admission, "use the settings rarely", then why do you need a shortcut?

(Rhetorical question, you do not need to answer it.)

pichlo ( 2015-11-01 15:25:55 +0300 )edit

If you think your question is rhetorical then you will be surprised because I do have a valid answer, I think:

I want that shortcut there because I then know exactly where to find the settings. When I want to go there I want it to be quick and intuitive. It's intuitive because it's among the settings shortcuts (which are strongly related to all settings). It's quick because I don't have to search my app drawer and remember the colour and shape of the icon what would be easy when I used the app regularly.

So because I use it rarely I want (not need) that shortcut.

Yo ( 2015-11-01 15:46:20 +0300 )edit

Thanks for your answe. It makes sense, but is not enough to convince me. If you want to have an icon in a known place, just move it there.

I started typing the following before your update so please keep that in mind. After a serious consideration, I have decided to vote this suggestion down again. Like in any other vote, I expect to have the right to vote for, against or withhold my vote. In this case, I not only do not want the shortcuts to apps there, I actively want not to have such shortcuts. (I hope the mountain of double negatives did not confuse you too much.)

I think it is a slippery slope. You want a shortcut to one app, @gri4994 wants another, and before we know it, the whole app launcher will move there. Better nip it in the bud while we can.

pichlo ( 2015-11-01 16:17:29 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-11-01 00:37:27 +0300

gri4994 gravatar image

Write SMS

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Can anybody please help?

I made a conf file in /usr/share/lipstick/quickactions containing:


and added some line to the file /usr/share/jolla-message/messages.qml before the last line:

    DBusAdaptor {
        service: "org.nemomobile.qmlmessages"
        path: "/org/nemomobile/qmlmessages"
        iface: "org.nemomobile.qmlmessages"
        signal newMessage
        onNewMessage: {

And of course import org.nemomobile.dbus 1.0 at the first lines.

It does work, but when the app has not been open before tapping on quick action, it will crash after about 15 sec. I can't figure out where's the problem. Can it be a bug in Messages app?

AliN ( 2015-12-08 00:01:36 +0300 )edit

@Andy Branson, @lakutalo, @Markkyboy, any ideas? I think the problem is in dbus lines added. Do we need extra lines for Messages app to open with dbus calls? I couldn't find how People and Phone apps open Messages to send SMS.

AliN ( 2015-12-09 17:39:23 +0300 )edit

@AliNa - I agree, I also think your problem is in the added DBus lines, but unlike some of the more talented coders here, I have little to no idea what to change/edit. I just don;t understand the language yet. i have played around with different lines of code, but in truth, I really do not know what I am doing!, I wish I could help directly, but you seem to be more knowledgeable than I.

Edz ( 2015-12-09 18:20:50 +0300 )edit

I found something in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Contacts/ContactCard.qml lines 158-165. The dbus interface is defined in ./common/MessagesInterface.qml. Now I'm trying to use that dbus interface but don't know how to.

@Markkyboy, thanks, but the same as you here. I'm just looking at existing examples and playing around.

AliN ( 2015-12-09 19:32:49 +0300 )edit

There happens to be a nice thread containing links to online literature, if you haven't noticed. But honestly, who's got the time to read? I've encountered similar problems with my experiments on creating a new email from QA, which even got minus-voted recently (roflmao). So I will also have a look at your files and try my best applying a monte carlo approach of development - trial and error. :)
EDIT: I managed to open the Messages app for a specific, existing number by adding these lines

signal newMessage
onNewMessage: {
    messaging.startSMS("*existing number*")

to the DBus section of /usr/share/voicecall-ui-jolla/main.qml and of course adapting the conf file accordingly. But that's not what we wanted, though it could give us a clue. In fact it's the same you might already have found out yourself through your last hint. On the other side of the detonation I tried to set up a pristine dbus-service in /usr/share/dbus-1/services for our ui action with jolla-messages, but again no luck, again vanished after 5s - wicked.

lakutalo ( 2015-12-09 23:41:29 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-11-30 21:40:21 +0300

pawel gravatar image

kill dalvik

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answered 2015-11-14 18:29:25 +0300

luen gravatar image

Launch the CSD tool.

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@Markkyboy Thanks!

luen ( 2015-11-28 22:11:50 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-11-25 15:07:27 +0300

AliN gravatar image

updated 2015-11-25 18:09:27 +0300

Open Stopwatch. However I've found a workaround for this.

Some lines added to DBusAdaptor block of /usr/share/jolla-clock/clock.qml

    signal openStopwatch
    onOpenStopwatch: {
        pageStack.push("pages/StopwatchPage.qml", {}, PageStackAction.Immediate)

And making a quick action file, say com.jolla.clock.stopwatch.conf on /usr/share/lipstick/quickactions/:

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Thanks for contributing!

lakutalo ( 2015-11-25 16:15:23 +0300 )edit

Indeed, well done! Open stopwatch is a useful quick action.

pichlo ( 2015-11-25 16:41:37 +0300 )edit

Nicely done @AliNa - another working quickaction! I can make a package for this, but I am very unsure about the integration of the additional code into 'clock.qml' - other than to leave the additional lines in 'clock.qml' upon removal(uninstalling) the quickaction and then only removing the .conf file and not the changes within 'clock.qml' - would it be considered a 'bad practice' to leave such changes when removing the related .conf file?

Edz ( 2015-11-27 14:03:28 +0300 )edit

@Markkyboy, IMO it would be best to tag the extra lines of code with special comments when installing the package, and find and remove those lines when uninstalling - if still existing, since an OS update might replace respective conf files. @AliNa, would you happen to know how to pass parameters along with the signal (remote-method)?

lakutalo ( 2015-11-27 15:07:39 +0300 )edit

thanks @lakutalo - I understand what you're saying, but I have little to no idea on how to do what you suggest. What would need to be done to the 'spec.file' for this to happen?, could you show an example?

Edz ( 2015-11-27 15:14:20 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-12-12 15:07:36 +0300

lakutalo gravatar image

Call redial

Bring back last dialled number in dialer to be edited and redialled, as requested and suggested here.

I think, I've got already an idea how to realise this, coming back soon.

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answered 2016-03-10 18:25:12 +0300

rgrnetalk gravatar image

updated 2017-01-15 12:17:35 +0300

Previous answers described quick actions that made standard tasks available from the quick actions section. I managed to add a quick action to my harbour app and because I don't know a better place to document this, I post my solution as an answer. The quick action is based on the jolla calendar and jolla clock quick actions and is described in general terms (unfortunetaly, I don't know how to create a rpm that installs the quick action during app installation and if it is allowed to do so, there's no documentation on that subject, I requested that in the documentation question. So implementation needs a couple of manual actions).

For a quick action in your app, you need three things:

  1. A DBusAdaptor in your app with a function (to do something;-) ): this makes the app respond to the DBus when the quick action is triggered (don't forget to import the org.nemomobile.dbus 2.0 in your file). The name of the function is used in the conf file.

    DBusAdaptor {
        service: "com.harbour.yourappname" 
        codepath: "/" 
        iface: "com.harbour.yourappname" 
        function functionname () { 
             do something …  
  2. A conf file: creates the quick action in the quick actions section. The file is packaged in the app rpm and can be moved into the directory: /usr/share/lipstick/quickactions (terminal root access needed)com.harbour.yourappname.conf:

  3. A service file: offers the service to the quick action. The file is packaged in the app rpm and can be moved into the directory: /usr/share/dbus-1/services (terminal root access needed)com.harbour.yourappname.service

    [D-BUS Service]
    Exec=/usr/bin/invoker  --type=silica-qt5 --desktop-file=harbour-yourappname.desktop -s -d 5 /usr/bin/harbour-yourappname
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Thanks man, nice information! Useful.

Edz ( 2016-03-10 19:08:44 +0300 )edit

Useful indeed! The tricky part is to find the right place to drill the hole for the DBusAdaptor.

lakutalo ( 2016-03-10 20:09:54 +0300 )edit

I found them in the appwindow file (for the clock app, see jolla-clock/clock.qml), a seperate dbusinvoker (for the jolla calender) and the firstpage (for the camera, see jolla-camera/pages/camerapage.qml).....

rgrnetalk ( 2016-03-10 20:36:52 +0300 )edit

I have found most of the existing ones and turned them into a few RPMs and a few other users here have also shown/mentioned on how to add a dbus section to a file, but as @lakutalo points out, it's knowing where to actually place the lines of code. Most of the time when I've tried it, it's resulted in a black and white flashing screen - but I'm not surprised, as I know very little about correct syntax and placement of squirly brackets/spacing/distance/etc (if that makes any sense!, I've still much to learn), but your explanation sheds a little more light on the subject.

Also, you mentioned about adding the line 'org.nemomobile.dbus 2.0' - why 2.0 and not 1.0 - what is the difference between the two?

Edz ( 2016-03-11 01:47:15 +0300 )edit

The choice for org.nemomobile.dbus 2.0 instead of 1.0, comes from the jolla-clock which uses the 2.0 version. Please let me know if I can be of any help...

rgrnetalk ( 2016-03-20 17:49:14 +0300 )edit
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