can't update to [Fatal error: Authentication failed (is SSU set up correctly?)] [answered]

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Ok, so i can't seem to update to

what happened:

  1. I got notification for (from ?)
  2. I did that update with backups
  3. After this, i got notification for
  4. I too started did this with backups
  5. I remember it saying (250MB) size
  6. After download, i did the update
  7. After it rebooted (after update), it seemed ok-ish, except that i got another update to
  8. I thought what the hell, and did it once more
  9. but this time, the download said: store error: cannot determine download size or something similar
  10. i rebooted and rechecked and stuff, and tried the download several times, it just keeps stuck in downloading
  11. after this, i figured, i should check btrfs, and i noticed all blocks were allocated, and figured a btrfs rebalance would be useful (size is 8/13.6), thinking that due to the backups, i might get too much metadata and run out of metadata space.
  12. after the rebalance, i got several blocks unallocated
  13. now, i retried download, but still got "download size unknown" error
  14. this time, i checked ssu s and pkcon refresh and noticed pkcon refresh had the fatal error: authentication failed
  15. but ssu domain was correct, release was set to, but otherwise looked, ok. i noticed the fatal error came after 44% and looking at global list in ssu lr, the 5th of 9 items, was the "customer-jolla" repository
  16. i should note that i have an exact copy of this one in the user entries, which is odd, it being there twice.
  17. anyway, disabling this one with "ssu dr" does result in pkcon refresh actually working
  18. i should note that i removed jolla account and readded it successfully, just to see if that would work too
  19. after all this, i did ssu release && version --dup
  20. this worked, but that doesn't quite solve the problem of updating to
  21. a normal upgrade, still had the download issue
  22. i'm not sure, but maybe this all is related to that "customer-jolla" repository that's in there twice(once in global, once in user)? maybe it's overriding token credentials and thus failing to authenticate or something...

if anyone has some more ideas, please, let me know...

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Step 4: If there is little disk space left and/or btrfs is out of balance, then it would be better to do the backup separately before the OS update, copy the backup data to your SD card, and then delete that data from the phone using Sailfish Utilities.

Step 14: Become root first with devel-su, then do pkcon refresh.

Step 22: Borrowing tigeli's advice from

  1. SSH onto your Jolla (fingerterm should also be ok)
  2. Become root using devel-su
  3. Disable the customer-jolla repository using ssu dr customer-jolla as it's currently causing authentication issues.
  4. Try whether pkcon refresh succeeds now
  5. If it succeeded, updating your Jolla using version --dup should work now.
  6. Reboot device
  7. Don't forget to reenable the customer repo after reboot using ssu er customer-jolla.

I hope this helps. Best of luck!

jovirkku ( 2015-11-06 14:15:52 +0300 )edit

i did that in step 17 to 19..

AL13N ( 2015-11-13 03:17:20 +0300 )edit

version --dup just gets me and updates it...

should i do a ssu release ?

also, wouldn't it be better if i could get back to normal situation with customer-jolla? because after update, and re-enabling customer-jolla, pkcon refresh would likely still fail... which means i would only be half updated...

can't i just do a ssu rr and reinstall the package that would have customer-jolla repository? (whichever one it is?)

AL13N ( 2015-11-15 20:11:27 +0300 )edit

via editing /etc/ssu/ssu.ini i got the problem resolved of duplicate repository, but something still fails with the customer-jolla repository.

i'm retrying the steps above now, but if i still get, i'll try ssu release and retry once more

AL13N ( 2015-11-21 12:21:12 +0300 )edit

ok, the solution worked. after the update (using version --dup), i enabled the customer-jolla again and now the refresh works once more...

AL13N ( 2015-11-21 12:54:01 +0300 )edit