[Bug] Messages: input field gets out of focus

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This bug breaks the focus of the currently used text input field inside the native messages app by pushing the input field with all its content under the keyboard so you are unable to see the input and unable to see what you are typing.

Affected devices and versions

I am able to reproduce this on my Jolla 1 Phone running on Sailfish OS

How to reproduce

  1. Open the native messages application
  2. Use the pulley menu to create a new message
  3. Type/paste the following text (including line breaks etc.) into the message input field:

    This is just an example message to demonstrate this bug. It seems that this issue in some way correlates with the amount of (automatically) added line breaks and a character count of > 338. This is aLongSentenceToProvokeAn automated line break (caused by screen wideness).
    Only if the character and line break conditions are met you will get
  4. Return to the messages overview by swiping to the right to create a draft

  5. Results:

    • After going back to the messages overview and re-opening this draft the whole input field with all its content will directly disappear under the keyboard. You have to scroll up to get the focus back.
    • By deleting the last word get from the above example text this issue will be resolved and the focus of the input field works as expected.
    • After first deleting the last word get from the above example text and start to type a single character this bug will be triggered and the input field directly disappears under the keyboard. You are able to get the focus back on the input field by swiping up the message but the input field will disappear on every single character input again.

Further information

As already mentioned in the above example text this bug seems to correlate with the amount of manually added line breaks (by hitting enter) and also automatically created line breaks (long word/sentence etc.).

Furthermore this bug only occurs at a specific character count (which is again dependent on some unknown line break conditions). In my testings it seems that this bug occurs only on a character count with > 338 characters (148/3 with activated message counter) but this character amount is again depentend of the given text and differs a lot - e.g. on my example text this bug only gets triggerd on a charachter count of > 359 (120/3 with activated counter).

I also remember to have seen this issue in an existent conversation (with already sent/received messages) but I didn't test it in an existing chat yet.

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