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bug: message app mixes up fb/gg accounts

asked 2013-12-25 21:22:17 +0300

grmoht gravatar image

updated 2013-12-26 23:32:18 +0300

A lot of my contacts have both google and facebook chat option.

If I chose Googlewith the "change type" button, every messages cause an error "could not send SMS to 424242424242@chat.facebook.com" If I chose google-talk from the right screen with all the contact's info, it works as intended.

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Have also seen this

steph ( 2013-12-25 21:23:56 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-01-02 14:51:39 +0300

grmoht gravatar image

Seems to be solved with last update ! Great !!

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