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Suggestion: Add option to use pictures as "normal" background. [released]

asked 2013-12-25 19:41:55 +0200

slehtonen85 gravatar image

I would like the option to use pictures as wallpapers the same way as with N9, so that the background would remain stationary when you swipe from one screen to another.

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The question has been closed for the following reason "released in a software update" by slehtonen85
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In the N9, the "background" is only present at the lock screen - on the other two screens, the background is black.

Unless you've added some sort of major tweak to your N9?

phle ( 2013-12-29 14:54:42 +0200 )edit

I Don't think i have any tweak that has anything to do with the background, but in my N9 it is visible in all screens. And in N9 there is four screens;)

slehtonen85 ( 2013-12-29 15:30:41 +0200 )edit

@slehtonen85 - Hm?!

Nokia N9 - Ah, my bad: you mean
lock screen (with background)
notifications screen (black background)
launcher (black background)
multitask area (black background)
i.e. four ... but it's still only the lock screen that has a background photo ... ?

phle ( 2013-12-29 16:33:26 +0200 )edit

Yes, and the background in lock screen is visible also in notification-, launcher- and multitask-screens. Edit: Okay, it's the homescreen settings in N9 that makes it possible to use wallpaper in all other screens;)

slehtonen85 ( 2013-12-29 18:10:16 +0200 )edit

@slehtonen85 - Interesting. It isn't, on my N9.

Ok, I did some searches - on YouTube: wallpaper N9, and then some googling google: Nokia N9 background, google: N9 Homescreen
Seems as if N9 wallpapers is something that appeared around PR1.2, and then as an app. The app, called "Home screen", was free in the beginning, but now costs. I'm a bit unsure whether it at one point was included in the OS (and then disappeared), or if it's been an app from the start.
I haven't got the "Home screen" app, hence just black backgrounds. My N9 is on PR1.3.

edit Ah, you came to the same conclusion as I did.
(I was wondering if I had missed something, despite going through the standard settings quite a bit ... and yes, I have rather few apps, and no tweaks, in my N9.)

phle ( 2013-12-29 19:44:17 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-10-04 10:27:57 +0200

simo gravatar image

Since the pics you create ambiences from remains as stationary backgrounds, visible on all screens where background is set to be shown.

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