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Experiencing Signal Reception Trouble

asked 2017-02-09 15:26:09 +0200

caballlero gravatar image

updated 2017-02-13 10:45:07 +0200

jiit gravatar image

After upgrading to lijoki my cell to lost signal, until almost unable to make calls,and the rest. same problem to INTEX AQUAFISH,JOLLA C,JOLLA 1,ON 2.5G

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same problem here

DarkTuring ( 2017-02-13 18:10:35 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-10-08 21:12:41 +0200

utkarsh gravatar image

I have found that my Intex Aqua Fish is getting trouble receiving signal in some places where the same sim when put in other phone gets good reception. My Intex Aqua Fish barely gets 1 bar of signal, usually no signal and the same sim when put in another phone gets about 60% signal.

I always thought that the signal was weak where I lived but now I found out that it was my phone which couldn't get the signal.

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