Picture in picture/ split screen multitasking meeting planning

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This wiki intends to collect all the information regarding the community driven project of a possible split screen/ picture in picture implementation on the open source Nemo Mobile Glacier UI [more infos: github, TMO, wiki].

Background information

Back in 2014 while crowdfunding the Jolla Tablet, Jolla planned to implement a split screen feature in Sailfish OS to view and use two apps simultaneously. Unfortunately the Jolla Tablet didn't ship in the intended quantity due to a financial crisis and Jolla later canceled the plans of the split screen implementation.

In 2017 Jolla still had no official plans of a split screen / picture in picture (PiP) implementation due to lacking resources.

In a community meeting Jollas community manager James brought up the idea that the community could help to implement the split screen / PiP features. The issue is that the Silica and Lipstick (lipstick-jolla-home) components used in stock Sailfish OS are not open source (yet?), so the community has not really the possibility to help there. The community's subsequent idea is to start a discussion about a possible implementation and later make a case study and implement the split screen/ PiP feature in Nemos Glacier UI (or on a prototype using wayland and lipstick). {source}

The intended target is to bring the split screen/ PiP idea forward, start a dialog between the community and Jolla employees to make a plan of a mature implementation, implement a case study/ a backend/ patchmanager patch and to show the demand for the official implementation (or encourage Jolla to opensource the needed SFOS components). {source1, source2}

All this stuff will be discussed in seperate meetings, which this wiki is about.


  • Next meeting:

    Thursday 12th of April 2018 at 09:00 UTC. The meeting will be held on Freenode IRC, #mer-meeting ( http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#mer-meeting ) (date and time to be decided/agreed on)

    Check here for your local time: http://bit.ly/2BSUzd7

    Agenda/ topic: This meeting will be about discussing implementation details of picture in picture/ split screen multitasking on nemomobile, which will probably take a few meetings before everything is agreed and actual development starts.

Ideas and details of the implementation

  • TBA...
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