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Any legal way to get Alien Dalvik on X Compact? [answered]

asked 2018-03-01 10:53:38 +0200

romu70 gravatar image

updated 2018-03-01 11:00:33 +0200

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Now the SFOS community image for the X Compact is out, I wonder if is there any way to install Alien Dalvik if I buy the Sailfish X official image?

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and no guarantee at all if sfosx aliendalvik will work on your device

coderus ( 2018-03-01 10:55:57 +0200 )edit

the X Compact is close enough to the Xperia X that it does work just fine, and it would be nice if people could buy a Sailfish X licence and enable the proprietary packages.

But selling things with zero guarantees is probably illegal anyway

r0kk3rz ( 2018-03-01 11:49:09 +0200 )edit

When using the account with which SailfishOSX was purchased as a Jolla account, Jollas Store would probably offer the Android support for installation. But if the installation routine is suitable to fulfill the dependencies of the packages against the community image - I wouldn't bet on that.

Moo-Crumpus ( 2018-03-01 11:54:19 +0200 )edit

@Moo-Crumpus afaik the proprietary stuff is guarded by both Jolla Account (with sailfish x licence) and the device codename, so unless it says 'F5121' it won't offer it for download

r0kk3rz ( 2018-03-01 13:30:11 +0200 )edit

The codename is suzu BTW :-)

Giacomo Di Giacomo ( 2018-03-01 22:36:32 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-03-01 15:03:29 +0200

spag gravatar image

I don't know if it is legal or not[*] but after I had to return my first (faulty) Xperia X I simply installed the Alien Dalvik RPMs on the new device:

pkcon install-local aliendalvik-1.0.82-1.armv7hl.rpm apkd-android-settings-0.7.28-10.36.1.jolla.armv7hl.rpm

[*] I paid for a SailfishX license so I consider this to be be (at least morally) right to have backed up the Dalvik RPMs from my previous device and reused them on the new one.

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Thanks, it's good for testing and pay a license (without any support?) if it works. But without the RPMs, I can't do this testing.

romu70 ( 2018-03-01 15:05:30 +0200 )edit

You could buy an Xperia X, install SailfishX with Alien Dalvik and copy the RPMs to the X Compact of course :)

spag ( 2018-03-01 15:14:22 +0200 )edit

Romu70, tell about result. I bought SailfishX license.

Cavalier ( 2018-03-01 15:40:29 +0200 )edit

Just bought Sailfish X :D Thanks @spag.

romu70 ( 2018-03-01 16:58:42 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-03-01 13:20:04 +0200

tortoisedoc gravatar image

updated 2018-03-01 13:20:35 +0200

One'd expect with the activation of the sfos license the correct packages to be made available for install .... but maybe it's a too high of an expectation :)

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why would you expect a licence for the Xperia X to be offered for install on a Xperia X Compact?

r0kk3rz ( 2018-03-01 13:31:57 +0200 )edit

SFOS license not SFOSX ;)

tortoisedoc ( 2018-03-01 13:34:33 +0200 )edit

yeah great, except you can't buy such a thing :P

r0kk3rz ( 2018-03-01 15:02:30 +0200 )edit

Yeah, I wonder why???? I mean, they could just open up the licensing to the generic SFOS plateu, which would include then all (mobile) devices... It would be an incentive for the community to put SFOS on device x and y; and it would help funding jolla.

tortoisedoc ( 2018-03-01 17:36:10 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-03-01 13:15:33 +0200

ExPLIT gravatar image

Ping me on Telegram @ExPLIT

Maybe i can help you

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Is there any Telegram client which works on SFOS?

romu70 ( 2018-03-01 14:58:22 +0200 )edit


coderus ( 2018-03-01 15:19:22 +0200 )edit

TelegramDesktop is good. But have a bug with notifications.

Cavalier ( 2018-03-01 15:53:27 +0200 )edit

Sailorgram works perfectly (https://openrepos.net/content/dax/sailorgram). But you need the extra build for SFOS > 2.1.0 (https://openrepos.net/content/ade/sailorgram-only-latest-stable-080-iijoki). Maybe the alpha fork from coderus (https://openrepos.net/content/toxip/sailorgram-alpha-fork or https://github.com/CODeRUS/harbour-sailorgram/releases) works as well, never tried it.

naytsyrhc ( 2018-03-02 08:13:42 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-03-02 10:30:53 +0200

MeowDude gravatar image

No. If you wanna be shady edit the platform_extraenvsetup.sh file for the X compact and pirate it like the N5, N4, N7 (both), and OPO users did. Not that I recommend this, but to be fair if alien dalvik sold a universal rpm in the jolla store I would pay for it

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answered 2018-03-02 10:25:08 +0200

figgis-diggis gravatar image

updated 2018-03-02 10:25:24 +0200

My similar question went unanswered by any official.

Though it might be possible to just copy necessary libs (bear in mind that mounting the root image is a bit of a hassle - you have to decode it from android format and then there's LVM)

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Sorry, didn't see this before.

romu70 ( 2018-03-02 10:49:11 +0200 )edit

Alien Dalvik and XT9 is not contained on the image you flash to the Xperia X but it's a set of RPMs you select and download in the Jolla Store so there's nothing you could extract from the image.

spag ( 2018-03-02 13:59:25 +0200 )edit

On the other hand I found it actually easier to simply copy those RPMs to my new device instead of having to extract individual files from an image.

spag ( 2018-03-02 14:05:16 +0200 )edit

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