Voice mail notification persists even if sim removed and phone restored [duplicate]

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It's a long story. I bought Jolla 1 in France 3 years ago and I was using Orange as operator , someday I received a voice mail and I ignored it ( maybe...) , and for some reason, later I don't have much chance to use my phone. For now I'm in China , voice mail is not popular at all in China , but the voice mail notification just won't disappear.Every time I boot my phone , the annoying message keeps pop out.

If I click on the voicemail icon / notification , Sailfish will jump to Phone screen , showing nothing at all. Please give me advice , as normal approach won't be effective to solve it.

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Duplicate of https://together.jolla.com/question/102990/why-is-the-voicemail-icon-persisting-on-the-start-screen-when-i-have-cleared-all-messages-from-my-voicemail/

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