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Enable other 3g bands

asked 2018-06-23 19:18:40 +0200

Levone1 gravatar image

I've seen this - - which touches on the same type of thing ,but not really helpful in my situation ... I'm using a carrier in the US, which supports 3g/4g, and I have a Jolla1 which works fine with my sim, but the phone doesn't support the same 3g bands as my carrier, so I can only get 2g, and no mms. Any way to change it?

Btw - the only reason I ended up with this sim is because my other sim, which would work with 3g, gave me the 'no network connection' greyed-out mobile signal box, which I've read many posts in different forums about, but have never seen a solution, (phone recognises sim, and even carrier, but won't connect to data or even make calls, and tapping on mobile data activation in settings does nothing, and logs show message 'network denied'), so if any help with that, great also...

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If you don't find a solution to a problem, either you're not looking hard enough or there simply is not a solution.....but wait, there is a possible solution, it is a little drastic, but it tends to iron out problems in the OS - reset/reinstall the OS......if all is successful, you can then go back to using the better SIM.

Edz ( 2018-06-23 19:27:46 +0200 )edit

Oh yeah , that's another thing . .. I actually did get to the point where I resigned myself to reset, so I did it through the settings reset option. It went through the whole thing and restarted, and when I went through the whilw initial setup, my phine was still in the same state - all apps, patches, settings, etc, just how I left it. Any ideas? I was going to just try again at some point, but not sure what happened ... As far as not looking hard enough, etc, see for yourself - many posts have been made about the problem, (no network problem), and no solutions, (I have only found the one linked post that refers to my 3g issue). I think hard reset is probably the only option, but I can't do it.

Levone1 ( 2018-06-23 22:34:45 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-06-25 15:18:03 +0200

Levone1 gravatar image

updated 2018-06-27 00:46:16 +0200

Posting as an answer-in-progress, since I didn't know if a comment would bump the thread, and I'm looking for feedback, (if a comment is more appropriate, please feel free to change, or let me know, and I'll change it).

I was able to enable diag mode using this - - and access the phone via qpst using htc driver I found in an XDA thread, (I can post links/instructions, etc, if wanted). I followed an XDA guide linked in Jolla question here - (how to unlock all bands) - and everything was successful, (no errors), but when I rebooted, I can't access mobile network. Sim is recognized, and my carrier is recognized, but attempting to connect causes perpetual spinner, and no connection is made.

Going to mess around some more, but just wondering if any ideas/input... Thanks

Update - After some more tinkering, (using QXDM to enable LTE bands 2, 4, and 14, being the ones that are listed as being supported by my carrier, [but still seeing no change]), and getting some input on XDA, it seems like not much chance of succeeding in this. It's possibly a hardware issue, so no amount of enabling frequencies will change it. Still curious, though, because after enabling LTE bands, now, when I switch connection to 4g, my 2g will cut in and out, as if it's trying to connect to something. It never did that before, but usually there would just be no response or change when I switched to 4g. Still glad for any input, but for now, seems that the answer is 'no'...

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Restored back to original, and working fine again, 2g only. Any ideas?

Levone1 ( 2018-06-25 22:25:26 +0200 )edit

Anybody else out there with jolla phone try this? I'm interested in comparing values.

Levone1 ( 2018-06-29 22:47:49 +0200 )edit
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