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Xperia X fails to update to and remains stuck in error screen [answered]

asked 2018-11-09 05:39:57 +0300

alloj gravatar image

updated 2018-11-09 06:17:18 +0300

I updated to via OTA but it failed. It says ~"SailfishOS could not be updated. Try again later!" There is Restart text which I clicked but it didn't do anything. Now I'm stuck in the updater error screen and can not boot or use the phone. Pressing the power button does nothing. How to resolve the situation?

UPDATE1: I found out you can reboot the phone by pressing Power button and Volume UP button for several seconds!

UPDATE2: After reboot I'm back to So I tried to update again, with identical results. Can not update! How to successfully update?

UPDATE3: I managed to update manually using Developer tools:


ssu release

version --dup

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+1 :( Will try command line next

ehakkarainen ( 2018-11-09 09:17:00 +0300 )edit

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answered 2018-11-09 08:23:21 +0300

Antaeus gravatar image

Thank you for this. I will "just" do the terminal thing to begin with.

have a nice day!

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answered 2018-12-28 16:51:11 +0300

Marold gravatar image

Hi I have simillar problem on second xperia x (used by my mother) but I didnt enable dev options and thats why there is no terminal available. As You may predict I cant enable developer mode now as it is getting stuck. Anyone know how to deal with it ? Thanks in advance ;)

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