Contacts not syncing to Parrot car kit

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Up until recently my Xperia X and before that my Jolla C worked seamlessly with my Parrot MKi9100 handsfree car kit.

For the last few weeks, (perhaps coinciding with the last Sailfish update) I have had connection issues and contact syncing issues.

I deleted the pairing and re-paired the Xperia X with the car kit and that seems to have fixed the connection issues. However the contacts will still not sync. Previously I could use voice commands to call contacts, or use the remote controller on the car kit to select a contact to call. Now I have to select a contact on my phone and initiate the call from the phone.

I have tried another phone and that syncs with the car kit so I know the problem isn't with the car kit.

Does anyone have any solutions or is this another "bug" in Sailfish?

Edit: I've now also tried it in my wife's car which has a factory fitted kit and the same problem in her car. It gave me a message saying "Phonebook profile not supported".

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I have a parrot CK3100, an older device, and a sailfish port phone, xiaomi mido, so my situation is a little different.

I found the problems started after 2.1.1, but, that doesnt help with the present....

I tried the other day to re-setup my BT 1) I had trouble pairing, but after a few times it got there 2) After it paired, the phone prompted to allow access to contacts, so i said yes 3) the ck3100 still didnt show any contacts so i tried a few more times 4) Eventually it did sync all the phonebook and i was happy 5) I went into a shop, got back in my car, and it failed to show any contacts!

and thats where I am currently. I need to debug obexd which does the pbap stuff, i also note that there is a config file to allow running pbap on a different channel, perhaps that is worth a go.

pigg ( 2019-02-19 20:44:35 +0200 )edit

I have a Parrot MiniKit Neo and it works with the latest SFOS version

Wolfson ( 2020-01-16 13:04:11 +0200 )edit