Xperia XA2 Dual Sim functionality broken

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I've been trying to get my Xperia XA2 on Sailfish to detect both my Warehouse mobile and 2Degrees sim cards. I managed to get the Warehouse mobile sim card to detect but if I have my Warehouse mobile sim card in then my 2Degrees sim card will always fail to connect no matter what sim slot it is in.

I have already tried reflashing android, making sure both sim cards were registered to the device by verifying android could see both of them and then reflashing sailfish to no avail. All my APN settings are correct and nothing seems out of the ordinary get it just won't see the network with 2Degrees.

Weirdly, if I ONLY put my 2Degrees sim card in then it detects it just fine, it only has issues when I have BOTH my Warehouse Mobile and 2Degrees sim card present. Could this potentially be related to Warehouse Mobile and 2Degrees technically running off the back of the same mobile network which is confusing sailfish OS?

Either way, I really need dual sim functionality for day to day use. Would someone be able to help?

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I've got what looks to be the same problem.

Doesn't matter which slot configuration you use, when starting phone, if only one slot is active that sim works. however if a sim is enabled that is older to the device, i.e. enabled in device before the other, it takes over a effectively disables they other. If the older sim has been active at all since boot, the younger sim will not work.

GD ( 2019-05-13 01:04:00 +0300 )edit