only one VPN connection allowed

asked 2019-06-11 08:37:07 +0300

francko gravatar image

updated 2019-06-11 08:37:49 +0300

i played around with the openVPN settings in my Jolla (Hossa) on Xperia XA2

i was able to set up a VPN connection and when it came to the server login i was able to type in the openVPN user and password. After this the connection started.

than i wanted to set up a second VPN connection so that i would be able to change the VPN if the one was slow. But setting up any further VPN failes to connect with the server. The openVPN user and password are not asked for these connections so the VPN tries to connect but failes.

i assume that all additional created VPN connections fails to get the openVPN user and password data of the first successful created vpn?

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