No WiFi (WLAN) adapter after flashing Sailfish X to Sony Xperia 10 Plus

asked 2020-09-16 19:10:16 +0300

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updated 2020-09-16 19:11:45 +0300

I have a newly flashed Sony Xperia 10 plus (dual-SIM) and have the same situation as described here

No of ideas in other topic helps.

I flashed 3 times.

Followed this instructions

Use Software binaries for AOSP Pie (Android 9.0) – Kernel 4.9 – Ganges (latest) V9 form here

I tried to download and use V8 but lash script can't find it and don't flash the device.

I have no ideas any more what can I try to get the WLAN works,

image description image description

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If you could get access to a Windows PC might have been worth reverting to Android trying WLAN and Network data connection and starting again as here:link text

aspergerguy ( 2020-09-17 20:59:47 +0300 )edit

Done, but not in windows. You can revert it also with Linux like here The same result, no WiFi.

vlad ( 2020-09-18 22:52:56 +0300 )edit