Bug: update doesn't notify of missing account.

asked 2014-02-04 11:08:09 +0300

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updated 2014-02-04 11:18:23 +0300

Summary: when no jolla account is configured on the system running a software update appears to be working, but then fails silently without leaving a message.

How to reproduce:

  1. Install Jolla phone with system
  2. do not create jolla account (actually I may have done this, since I already updated, but now I don't have one for some reason)
  3. go to settings / about system
  4. check for update (yes exists)
  5. install update
  6. download update

Expected result (s):

  • before downloading, the device should complain that it needs a working jolla account to install
  • if the download fails, there should remain information on screen giving some information about what went wrong
  • if the account is missing, ideally the procedure should kick into the account setup page.

Comments: I tried to look around for where I am meant to put bug reports; on google the top result for "jolla bug reports" is this page http://www.jollatides.com/forums/discussion/94/bugzilla-report-all-observed-sailfish-bugs-here/p1 which tells me to report to bugzilla. However there is no link to bugzilla there. It would be good if that page had a clear statement where and how to report bugs. Searching further I guess that the bugzilla is internal and this is where I should put the report. Anyway, I feel confused.

All the best. Michael

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