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[Bug] Terminal cursor missalign [duplicate]

asked 2014-02-05 03:05:22 +0300

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updated 2017-01-04 15:00:17 +0300

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The cursor in terminal is far apart from the typing at right side, when system language in Chinese. Same problem exists with other languages as well if you change the font size.

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This also happens if you use "normal" font and you change font size. Depending on size you can have the cursor placed before the end of the text as well.

Mohjive ( 2014-02-05 08:14:51 +0300 )edit

This is annoying especially when I have to make slight modification to a long command just typed.

tlsiu ( 2015-01-06 13:00:28 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-03-02 17:11:26 +0300

gexc gravatar image

a workaround is to make fingerterm run with English LANG by editting the 'Exec' line of /usr/share/applications/fingerterm.desktop to be e.g. Exec=sh -c "LANG=en_GB.UTF8 exec fingerterm"

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nope, doesn't work for me.

I changed LANG to en_GB.utf8 and still the cursor is way off to the right...

(And yes, I checked that language setting was in effect)

juiceme ( 2017-01-04 15:36:34 +0300 )edit

answered 2018-06-12 13:53:06 +0300

olf gravatar image

While this seems to be the oldest report of this issue, meanwhile https://together.jolla.com/question/156311/bug-cursor-position-wrong-in-terminal/ has gathered more votes, discussion and answers.

Hence closing this one as a duplicate (even though that feels a bit unfair).

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